Justice at last, Thank God!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by Calvin_Monasco
 I refuse to put my family on the street.
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Hi readers, I apologize for being behind on my blogs but a lot has transpired since my last entry about fishing in CorUpshur County. Since my son Ace was released from jail for fishing on my lake in his own back yard the Texarkana Court of appeals found in his favor and the Upshur County Court decided it was in there best interest to drop the charges of criminal trespassing rather than grant a retrial because he had already served his time and they don’t want to pay him back for it and they also decided to drop the two criminal trespassing charges against my brother Larry which were also for fishing on my lake in his own back yard. All the stress from these false charges and the civil suit brought against us by the Gilmer Boating and Fishing Club which also has no merit caused me to acquire a rare fatal disease called Pure Red Cell Aplasia and caused my brother to have a massive heart attack along with financial devastation to all three of us. Still we are thankful that there is justice beyond CorUpshur County. We thank God for finding justice and did not believe we would find it here on this earth. Hopefully the Texarkana Court of appeals will make the right judgment in my appeal of the civil suit filed against me by the Gilmer Boating and Fishing Club or should I say the Gilmer NO Boating and NO Fishing Club. Any way I will try to keep you more informed in the future. By the way if any of you may have had a bad experience with Mike Loyd of the Upshur County Indigent Health Care System please leave me a comment or contact me at calvin_monasco@yahoo.com

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