Is Christian Camping Needed?
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Is Christian Camping Needed?


Has Christian camping outlived its usefulness?  Have we passed into another era in which Christian camping is no longer worth the effort?  Have new technologies enabled Christians to get what they need in their spiritual lives from other sources with much less cost and hassle? I think the exact opposite is true.  I think Christian camping is more of a necessity today than it has ever been.  It seems to me that new technologies have heightened the need for Christian camping.  Everyone above the age of accountability (6??) is affected.  No age group has escaped the flood of distractions coming at them.  I liken it to a fire hose aimed at my head.  The distractions seem to come faster and faster with each passing day and they seem to have an uncanny ability to hit their target.  These distractions are not always evil in themselves, however the effect they have on us is often very detrimental to us.  They keep us from the very thing we were created for, fellowship with our Maker.


Psalm 46:10 says, “Be still, and know that I am God”.  There are many things in my life that seem to be continually coming up behind me, whispering in my ear: “This is really interesting.  You can meet with God later. If you do it now, you might miss something.”  If that doesn’t work, the next tactic seems to be a constant overpowering shove in the small of my back, forcing me to move faster and faster until I am at a dead run, chasing after that which is unimportant and ignoring the God who made me and loved me and redeemed me and longs to fellowship with me.  What a sad and tragic state to find oneself in.  Television, internet, texting, emailing, radio, facebooking, hobbies, employment, sports, gossiping, housework, friends and family, etc. combine to form an insurmountable barrier to a meaningful relationship with the Savior, who waits longingly for you to sit at His feet. 


When I am driving, I really need to be able to see the road in front of me.  At night, the headlights on the stream of cars I meet make it difficult to see that which I really need to see.  At night, I often choose to drive on roads with less traffic to avoid those distractions.  When I talk on the phone, I really need to hear the person on the other end.  I choose to turn the radio off because it really interferes with my ability to hear them.  I recommend to my college age sons to leave the dorm room and go to the library when study is needed.  There are just too many distractions in the dorm room.  Eliminating or reducing distractions is a much needed discipline.


If I really want to see the highway, hear the conversation, concentrate on the task, or hear from God the only real option is to make a conscious effort to separate myself from the distractions.  Christian camping is a tremendous help. A week or weekend at camp will not solve the problem, but perhaps in our time at camp, God will visit us in such a way that we will realize that time spent with Him apart from distractions is not only a necessity but a true joy.  Maybe in that short period of time we can learn that we can indeed survive without those tantalizing distractions.   Perhaps we will discover ways to cut down on the distractions once we arrive back at home. You are not too busy for Christian camping.  You are too busy not to experience Christian camping. ………

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