Independent, Republican, Tea Party…Whatever
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The party in power in congress, or the White House, should not matter. Wait a minute; that is a pretty bold statement, one may argue. The truth is that it really is not as bold a statement as one may think.

If congress had the power to pass legislation to the President and he had the power to pass that same legislation on for the approval of all registered voters through an online majority vote, would the party in power in congress, or The White House really matter? The answer to that long winded question is “NO”.

In fact, the more diversity in congress and men or women who file through the Oval Office every four to eight years, the better off we are as Americans. We need the diversity of ideas, but the majority of registered voters must have the final word before legislation is enacted.

Now wait just a minute, you say. That is not the way our founding fathers wrote the Constitution. True, but our founding fathers did not want women to have voting rights, nor African Americans. Way back in 2008 one woman actually snuck into the Presidential campaign and an African American actually won the election that year…go figure.

None of the founding fathers sent emails, paid bills online, or posted their profiles on The Constitution would have been written much differently today than it was written by the founding fathers. In fact, women and African Americans would participate in writing it if it were penned today.

Since times have changed since the Constitution was written, there is a tool which can be used to fix imperfections in the Constitution. That tool is called a Constitutional Amendment. It is a tool that is not used frivolously and must be ratified by three fourths of the United States before it is considered a part of the Constitution.

A Constitutional Amendment is appropriate at this time. All registered voters must be afforded the opportunity to approve all legislation passed by congress and the President, before that legislation becomes law. The online majority of registered voters must be the final voice.

Congress and the President of the United States are .000004% of all registered voters. Forget their respective party affiliations. We must give the American people the final voice. It can be done very easily and efficiently through an online vote.

Would a majority of voters have voted for the bank bailout? Would a majority of voters have voted for the current health care bill? Would a majority of voters have voted for the stimulus bill? We do not know, but the majority certainly should have voted for those bills and every other bill offered by congress.

Join the movement to change the Constitution. Join and make it happen. This movement is non-partisan and will one day dwarf the Tea Party movement.
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Tony Collins
September 25, 2010
Well, you are correct about one thing, "The Constitution would have been written much differently today than it was written by the founding fathers". If it were written today it would be a horrible hodge-podge of confusion and tyranny.

The proof of what I just said is staring you in the face right now. The U.S government has been trampling over the Constitution and "re-interpreting" its meaning so as to move their socialist agenda forward for the last one-hundred years, and no American has been able to stand up to them and put a stop to it. God forbid that we should ever have to rewrite the Constitution. So why would you belittle the Constitution and the founders who wrote it? They gave us the Amendment process so that it could grow and change over time.

One thing you need to consider is the fact that the very Congressmen and Senators and Presidents that have forced this socialist agenda down our throats were all voted into office by the American people. Why should an electorate that continually votes for those who will give them welfare and entitlement programs be given the final say on legislation. I'm afraid the gullible American electorate would be manipulated into voting for Lucifer himself as their dictatorial ruler.

No, a more equitable solution would be to return to the original Constitutional form of electing the President, Congress and Senate, instead of the current "progressive" form of elections.

We should also repeal the "progressive" tax code and make everyone pay the same percentage of their income in taxes to the government. Thus, we would do away with the "zero liability" voter. And, we must wean ourselves off of the entitlement mentality and drastically cut the welfare programs. We MUST stop redistributing Americas wealth around the world. We could start by passing a law requiring every corporation that wants to sell their products in America to manufacture those products in America using American workers. And, we should stop buying oil and gas from the Middle East. We are financing the enemies that want to destroy our way of life and rule over us. There is plenty of oil and gas right here in America, there is no need for imports.