Ignorant Homebuyers
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                There is nobody to blame but yourselves for the crappy houses that are built all over America. Do your homework and stop buying homes that aren’t passive or close to it. Look up passive house on the internet and you will find a lot of info on the subject. Educate yourself, so you can make an informed decision.  Passive design uses common sense technology and building materials to build a home. If you stop buying the standard house from the developers, then they will stop building them and start building a home the right way. The developers will be forced to build something that won’t leak air like a sieve.  The reason most homebuyers buy from a developer is the cheaper cost. This is no longer a valid excuse. Look at the overall costs involved with maintaining a home. The supply of housing is so great right now that you, the homebuyer should be able to dictate how they are built.

                If you plan and design your home right, the premium for a passive home is roughly 5% added on to the cost of a new home. Over the long term you can come close to paying off half of your home with the money you will save every month. A passive home saves you money on your electric and gas bill and lasts longer. Example: On a typical 2500 sq ft home, you will save $200 a month on your utility bills every month. *Note your utility rates will go up every couple of years, so you will save even more. So a passive home will save you $2,400 a year or enough for a good family vacation. In 50 years you will save $120,000 and in 30 years you will save $70,000 in utility costs. The math makes sense in the long term, so stop thinking short term like everyone else.

                A passive house is built to last and will easily last over 50+ years. Why are you buying a new home that should be bulldozed after 30 years? Most new homes should be bulldozed because the cost to replaced and update materials is more than half of the cost to build a new home. It is too costly and inefficient to replace the old insulation and piece together a rehabbed home. If the walls were thicker in homes, then you wouldn’t have as big of a problem later in the home’s life. Think of a passive home as a super insulated cooler with an air regulator bringing in fresh air all day long. They have thick walls and roofs and are oriented for the winter sun. Again read more on the subject so you understand how they work.

                We can cut the energy use of this country in half if you would wake up and start using your heads. Change in the way buildings are designed doesn’t require more laws, rules and regulations to accomplish this. I put the blame solely on you, the homebuyer for thinking short term and buying something based on cheap cost. Take responsibility for your own actions and stop waiting on people to tell you how to change things. All the green energy solutions are great, but they don’t fix the root of the problem. An Example of this: Don’t fix a leaky faucet by putting a chrome handle on it. You check the pipes and the materials on the inside to get to the root of the problem. A chrome faucet doesn’t fix a leaky pipe. Buildings and their energy use cause all kinds of problems. Just think of the extra money you would have every month, the energy we would stop buying overseas and the cleaner environment we would have.


No more excuses do the math and start educating yourself on why you should build a passive home!


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