I'm going Overboard this Christmas
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Everyone keeps asking me what I am getting my son, Caesar, for Christmas. My answer is always the same, nothing. Most people sigh and say why not. My son is not even two yet. Not only does he not know what Christmas is, he is so young he won’t remember this Christmas.


I am sure he will enjoy Christmas though. His grandparents and great grandpa are making a special trip to come see him. I am more excited about him getting to spend Christmas with them than any gift anyone could get me.


Christmas is confusing. Every year there is a story in the news where someone is offended because they use the word Christmas or don’t use the word Christmas. However, most stories are the crazy people on black friday fighting for Christmas presents. That makes no sense does it? Think about it. Parents acting crazy to buy Christmas presents for their children.


I thought Christmas was supposed to be about celebrating the birth of Jesus. Sure, we somehow turned it into exchanging presents with our loved ones. I don’t have anything against it. I like getting and giving gifts. However, why do people go overboard?


I know someone who was so excited to go shopping, after they got a Christmas loan. From what I understood, they got a loan against their upcoming income tax return. I know it must be hard to be a parent and not be able to provide everything you want to for your children. However are Christmas presents even needed? I know most of you are probably answering yes.


I would like to get my own home soon. Instead of wasting money on gifts that my son and husband don’t need, I am saving money this year. Yes, I did break down and get my son something for Christmas. I got it at a consignment store, used but nice. I am not saying don’t buy presents. I am saying don’t put yourself in a bind over presents.


Presents aren’t that important. Yes I remember opening gifts when I was younger. However what I remember most is spending time with my family. When I think back about memories of when my father was alive, I don’t remember the presents he brought me. I remember him sleeping in and wanting to eat breakfast before opening gifts. I remember sitting on his lap while I opened presents. I don’t remember most of those presents, but I remember being with him while I opened them.


I hope my son likes the play and pretend workbench I got him. I am going to go overboard with family traditions. I plan on honoring the birth of Christ. I am going to have a great family dinner. I can’t wait to take a family portrait on Christmas day. I am going overboard, just not going overboard with presents.


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