I’m Pregnant and Beautiful
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I’m pregnant and fat. Everytime I say that, I get supporting reassurances saying I’m not fat but pregnant. Sometimes I get wonderful people telling me I’m beautiful and pregnant. I appreciate it.


I’m not overweight but compared to my college days, I feel very fat. During my first pregnancy, I will never forget my doctor telling me I needed to hover.


“You know the holidays are coming up,” he said. “Your weight gain is already high, you need to hover at the weight you are right now.”


I’m surprised I can recall exactly what he said because what I actually heard was you’re fat. I wasn’t upset about it, I just listened to him and tried to curb back my taco obsession. My husband and I had fun with the word hover. We were constantly saying, remember we have to hover. With this pregnancy, he hasn’t told me to hover yet. I told my husband this time, I think I will try to get in shape after the baby is born. I don’t know why. With my first child, I said I wasn’t going to worry about my weight and not rush to lose any weight. I remember saying, I am just going to go with the flow and lose the weight naturally. Even though I feel fat this time and felt fat last time, I was never upset about it. I realize I am pregnant and I am going to gain weight.


Isn’t it sad that there are women out there who follow risky diet plans because of fear of gaining too much weight. There are women who brag about not gaining weight while pregnant and following these strict plans. I blame society. All of these celebrities having babies then showing up on magazines looking amazing. They have no stretch marks, no signs of ever being pregnant. I am sure most of them have been photoshopped but most people ignore that fact.


Recently a fitness blogger, Maria Kang, came under fire for posting a picture showing off her flat stomach and her three kids. The picture is not what caused the uproar. She tagged the picture with, “What’s your excuse?” People have called her a bully, accused her of fat shaming, and attacked her through social media.


Well Mrs. Kang, I doubt I will ever look like you and I don’t need an excuse. I admire those who are in shape. Sometimes I am down right jealous. However I’m fortunate to have a good sense of reality and strong ego. I know I don’t have to get back to my “college weight” quickly after giving birth. I also know maintaining a healthy weight is good for me.


I know if I fail in my attempt to get back in shape deadline, I will be okay. I worry about those who don’t know this. There is no reason why any woman should be made to feel bad about their weight and appearance especially if she just gave birth.


I’m not going to debate or discuss unhealthy weights. I will leave that to the doctors. I don’t it is fair for society to judge someone for their weight or make them feel bad. If my doctor ends up telling me to hover this pregnancy I will. I will also continue to listen to my husband who tells me I am pregnant and beautiful, because I am.



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