I thought I was Superwoman
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I am a superwoman. I had my second child last week. I am happy to report she is doing well and we are very happy. I am sure my labor story is not the greatest but it was quite eventful and at first I felt very strong, even heroic for the way I handled it.


Last Saturday morning I told my niece it felt like the baby was trying to tunnel her way out. I didn’t think much of it. Saturday evening I went to work. While working I felt the baby tunneling every now and again. I wouldn’t say it was painful but very uncomfortable. It never occurred to me that this uncomfortable feeling was labor.


While I was working the lights went out. I texted my boss and told him I would come back if the electricity came back on. During those couple of hours with no electricity I decided to take a shower and laid down for a little while. I still had that uncomfortable feeling. It still didn’t occur to me I was in labor. When the lights came back on, back to work I went. I was having issues with my Internet and took a couple of phone calls but had to leave work since my Internet connection was slow.


“Are you sure you are not in labor,” said my darling husband. I don’t remember what my response to him was but according to him, I almost bit his head off and accused him of being mean. I still didn’t realize I was in labor.


In my defense, I didn’t think I was in labor because the pain was in my back and my hips. I thought contractions were in the front and everyone else said your stomach will tighten up. Mine never did. You would think I would know I was in labor since this was my second child, but I was induced the first time and got my epidural fairly early.


I don’t know what made me decide I was in labor but I told my husband to go ahead and call the doctor and tell him I was on the way to the hospital because I thought I was in labor.


Now this is where I felt like superwoman. I decided to drive to the hospital by myself. What choice did I have? Someone had to stay with my son and mother, so I left. I don’t know if the cool air made the pain come but it seems like as soon as I put my car in drive, the uncomfortable feeling I had turned into severe pain. I knew I was in labor.


I started timing the contractions as I drove. They were coming every three minutes. With each contraction, the hotter I got. I rolled down the window and turned on the air to the max.


As I pulled into the emergency room parking, I saw an employee coming out. I waved him down and asked for help. I couldn’t tell if he was a nurse, a security guard, or a paramedic but I could tell he worked there.


“Playse halp,” I yelled. His response was huh? In that moment a million things ran through my head including taking off my shoe and throwing it at him. I realized my please help came out as, “playse halp,” but couldn’t he see I was very pregnant and at the emergency room? With all my might I was able to get out something more recognizable, “Help me, please.”


At this point, I was leaning on the trunk almost sliding down the car. His response was, “Oh, do you need help? Like a wheelchair.” Once again a few choice words flooded my brain but all that came out was, “Yes, wheelchair, please.”


They rushed me up to delivery and it was quickly determined I was nearly 8 centimeters dilated. Every time someone new came into the room, they all commented on how they couldn’t believe I drove myself to the hospital.


I pleaded for an epidural. The anesthesiologist said she didn’t think the epidural would take by the time I gave birth but I told her just to give it to me anyway. Actually, I think my response was, “‘Playse’ just give me the epidural.”


My husband finally arrived and so did the baby with no relief from the epidural. I felt like superwoman right after they handed me my baby. I had just driven myself to the hospital in the middle of labor, gave birth with no epidural, and did not cause bodily harm to anyone. Yes, I felt like a superwoman.


Shortly after the baby was born, there were a few complications and at one point they said my baby stopped breathing. Then I realized, I wasn’t superwoman and a million things ran through my head. What if my water broke while driving and I had to have the baby on the side of the road by myself and the baby had stopped breathing? What would I have done?


No, me driving myself to the hospital while in full blown labor was not heroic but very risky. I am not a superwoman just blessed. I am very happy to be blessed with my daughter, Bliss Bellissima Beyonce.


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Debbie Valles
March 30, 2014
As a women I think you are very heroic, very brave and very much blessed!! One if the best labor stories ever!!!
Liz Golston
March 30, 2014
You are very blessed! I'm so glad to hear that you are both doing well, and now you have this awesome story of her birth to share.