I Would Like to Win the Lottery
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I bet winning the lottery can be very stressful. I have no clue how I would be able to sleep until I claimed the ticket. I worked for the Texas Lottery for a while in college and heard some crazy stories.


Once a lady came in with the winning lottery ticket duct taped to her body in a ziplock bag. Another one of my favorite stories was on Monday with people arrived to the lotto office for work, there were a couple of guys in the parking lot with chairs and a cooler drinking beer. They had been there all night just waiting to turn in their ticket.


I have seen televisions shows where winning the lottery has destroyed families. I could see how that could happen. I can just imagine people coming out of the woodwork wanting a few dollars here and there. I can also imagine people would feel more inclined to ask you for money since you did not earn the money but simply won it.


On the television show about lottery winners one man said he wished he had never won the lottery. He showered his family with gifts, especially his granddaughter. His granddaughter ended up dying from a drug overdose.


Many people think that money is the solution to all of their problems. I dont think having millions of dollars necessarily guarantees happiness.


I am sure my lottery dreams are the same as everyone elses. New house, nice cars, and vacations are on my list. Then I started thinking about what would I do with my life after a few purchases. There is a television show that highlights million dollar rooms. Not million dollar houses, but one room that cost over a million dollars. I dont think I would ever want to live that lavishly.


I dont know what I would do with millions and millions of dollars. I saw a millionaire who bought their spouse a five million dollar watch for their birthday. I cant imagine walking around with a five million dollar watch. I can barely imagine walking around with five million dollars in the bank.


What would you do with millions and millions of dollars? Do you think you would be happy? Oprah has that kind of money and instead of retiring she continues to work and invest in owning a television network. I wonder why. Beyonce has millions of dollars and her and her husband continue to work. They have enough money never to work a day in their lives again.


I dont think they are greedy, I think working and doing something with your life may be the key to happiness. I think it is just easier for them because they have plenty of money to live above their means.


I could be wrong and probably will not have the opportunity to find out how the other side lives. I am still going to keep buying lotto tickets though because I would love to find out.


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