I Don’t Need Proof
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I like proof. I hate it when someone tells me some random satistic and expects me to believe them. Most of the time I just say nothing and go run and look it up on the internet. Even then once I find the answer, I like to go look at a couple of other sources.

I dont trust resturants that dont bring me an itemnized bill. I want to see each item and how much each item costs. I dont believe anything I hear about celebreties until they admit it themselves. I dont like reasonable doubt. I dont think I would ever be picked for jury duty because I dont like to assume anything.

However, I dont need to have proof of my faith. I am a Christian. Usually I dont go around talking about religion or politics. I try my best to avoid the topic.

Then I saw an article about Robert Ballard, a famous underwater explorer who has his sights on proving the existence of the great flood referenced in the Bible. He has been working hard on this adventure for over ten years.

Mr.Ballard, an archaeologist, also discovered the Titanic. He plans to use robotic technology  to prove a great flood happened over 12,000 years ago. I am not surprised that he says he has a lot of critics.

Logistically, I can not wrap my mind around how one goes and proves a great flood happened. He could tell me he found it and I would have no way of proving he was correct. He could have 1,000 other experts tell me the same and I still wouldnt think he proved it to me.

In this same article there were links to other discoveries related to Christianity. One article discusses how they discovered proof of Jesus and early Christianity.

I am not discrediting these explorers findings or lack thereof. I am just saying, even if Mr. Ballard doesnt find his proof of a great flood, I dont need it. Do you?

On Christmas Eve, I will not be sitting around the tree telling stories of how explorers proved Jesus existed. I will be celebrating the life of Jesus.

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