HR:25 is the way out of the nightmare, that is our current Federal Income Tax
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HR:25 is the way out of the nightmare that is our current Federal Income Tax.  History shows the Citizens of theUnited States have made mistakes from which We have repented.

Example: Amendment 13, 15 & 21; abolished slavery racialdiscrimination in voting andrepealed prohibition.

When "We the People" havediscovered mistakes in the Constitution We have worked to repealthose mistakes. HR:25 is such a Bill. Titled the Fair Tax Bill it allows for a orderly progression from the current failed FederalIncome Tax (mistake).  Passage of the 16th Amendment allowed the firstFederal Income Tax! Before this Amendment only "uniform"Taxation was allowed by Article 1, Section 8.

Below is an examination of the historyof our current failed Federal Income Tax and how it was firststructured. These are 1913 Rates after the 16th Amendment passed allowing the first Federal Income Tax. There were no deductions thetax was flat but graduated for income. This was because the FederalIncome Tax was sold as a tax on the wealthy that would not apply toopoor or middle class Citizens.

Note: $20,000.00 in 1913 would be~$476,000.00 in 2013 Dollars!

Nominal Married Filing Jointly

Marginal Tax Brackets

Tax Rate      Over         But Not Over

1.0%          $0                $20,000

2.0%         $20,000         $50,000

3.0%         $50,000         $75,000

4.0%         $75,000         $100,000

5.0%         $100,000       $250,000

6.0%         $250,000       $500,000

7.0%         $500,000 -

These rates are well below the 10%rates proposed by some who oppose HR:25 and support a flat 10%Federal Income Tax.  What are you paying today, 30, 35, 40 + percent?

Once the 16th Amendment passed, theunscrupulous Representatives and Senators behind the Income Tax pushknew they could increase the Tax rate or change the Wage & Incomerange. They would no longer be bound by the restrictions of theConstitution. The Citizens would be at the mercy of the FederalGovernment. In less than 5 years the rate more than doubled alongwith an expansion in the Income base! Note they have done this withimpunity since 1913! These unscrupulous Representatives and Senatorsbehind the Income Tax as well as many in Congress today knewmanipulation of the the Income Tax Code would give them great power.

 Since 1913 this change in taxationpowers has allowed the Federal Governments, IRS to punish the Citizens of the United States with little or no restraint. The Income Tax hasallowed Senators, Representatives & Presidents to pay offcontributors and lobbyist using loop holes and special tax rateswhile striking fear in the harts of Citizens speaking out againstthese abuses. And now the Federal Government can use not only theIRS but Health Care as a weapon of control.

The 16th Amendment has allowed theFederal Government to become the uncontrollable parasite it is today. There can be no Federal Tax Reform without the repeal of the 16thAmendment to the U.S. Constitution! When someone promotes reform ofthe Federal Tax Code without the provision to repeal the 16thAmendment they are working to keep control in the hands of Governmentnot the Citizens!

We will be part of the greatest peace timepolitical struggle ever witnessed by the Citizens of the UnitedStates when HR:25 is put before the full House. There are Trillionsof dollars in favors and paybacks at stake. Don't be fooled, studythe history of the United States before 1913 and after. The greatestgrowth and prosperity for the Citizens of the United States occurredfrom 1776 too 1913. In contrast the Federal Government its Debt, Taxburdens and abuses grew exponentially after passage of the 16thAmendment which allowed the first Income Tax!

Please, don't take my word for this, goto www.fairtax.ogr or Bill site. Down load a copy of HR:25 it is only 131 doublespaced typed pages long, yet replaces thousands of pages of currentFederal Tax Code.

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October 24, 2013
No matter how many time FT salesman Walker posts the same old FT propaganda, its NEVER going to make the FT smell any less foul than it does.

Walker goes on at great length about how awful the current system is - we know that and agree already. That does not mean we should jump to the FT - we should jump to something BETTER than the current system.

Walker's history and economics leave much to be desired.The tax system has had little correlation to our economic growth, which incidentally was greater with the income Tax (but only coincidentally so).

The “Fair Tax” is a Fraud – we need a 10% Tithe!

I am a retired tax lawyer/CPA, with no continuing financial benefit from ANY tax system. I can support every comment I make - for supporting details, call Stephen C. Eldridge tel. 423-532-7337.

The so-called “Fair Tax” (“FT”) is a fraud – it is MORE WEALTH REDISTRIBUTION, AND a financial scam.

In their own words, FT proudly advertises that it is MORE PROGRESSIVE (INCREASES WELFARE). The Prebate is advertised as merely repaying the poor for any FT they pay, but actually would pay them far more than any FT they might pay and also gives the working poor free SS/Medi.

The FT hits us with a 40-70% in-your-face retail sales tax that would spark a taxpayer rebellion that would destroy our 70% retail-sales-sensitive economy. 40% = 30% FT e.g., 10% State sale sales tax and 70% is the rate needed at a sample 30% FT evasion rate (the FT incredibly assumes ZERO evasion and ZERO intentional reduction in spending and ZERO migration from new to used goods).

IN ADDITION to that 40-70% tax, the FT contains several HIDDEN TAXES. FT’s 30% rate is really 42 %; the 12 % is hidden by having fed S/L govts paying FT – they must get that money from you. The initial 30% rate is 1-5% short and that plus any other revenue shortfall will have to be made up by raising more FT (or a NEW Income Tax), the fed budget for SS will rise because of the FT – SS COLA of almost 30% and fraudulent new SS benefits – and more FT (or a NEW Income Tax) we be required to fund these.

The NEW IRS (i.e., the STAA) may well be far worse, far more invasive than today’s IRS b(the buyer is liable to pay FT and get/show a receipt) – we may well have to file an “Annual FT Summary”.

We may well wind up with BOTH a NEW Income Tax AND the FT.

What we need is a Flat Income Tax with No Deductions, No Exemptions, No Credits and a 10% rate, with business income taxed to shareholders on a very simple basis (i.e., no corporate income tax) – See H.R. 1040, but with changes as noted here. Call your representatives in Congress and let them know that this is what you want.