Giving thanks to hometown providers
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ON TUESDAY, a fast-moving thunderstorm rolled through Gilmer.

In came through about 2:30 p.m., and only lasted maybe 20 minutes.

But it did enough damage.

There was a big flash of lightning, the lights went off, and then some came back on.

I tried to call out, but my phone was dead. I used my cell phone to call Etex repair.

Within less than an hour, an Etex technician, whom I know (Mike Waller) was at the house and inspected the outside phone box.

“You took a direct hit,” he said. “The outside (phone) box on the house was blown to smithereens.”

He said he found a piece of it maybe 20 feet away. Somehow, he rigged it so I had my land line back, and ordered a new box to be installed by Verizon. (I have a Verizon 843 number, but purchase it from Etex.)

This is the kind of courteous service you get from hometown folks. You get the same type of superlative service from Upshur Rural Electric.

Both Etex and Upshur Rural are co-ops, responsible to their members, who are their customers.

If I have to move (I’m soon retiring) out of their service areas, I will sure miss them.

(Every other electrical outlet in the house doesn’t work now [and yes, I reset all the breakers] and I don’t know whether the TV and Blue Ray got zapped. My answering machine was fried, but the cordless phone base, working off the same outlet, still functions. The ceiling fan works, but the light fixture doesn’t. Lightning is strange.)

But it could have been worse. And the quick, competent service from a hometown provider helped keep it from being worse.
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