Gilmer Success Story!
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Gilmer Success Story!

      This is one of our own Gilmer graduates, Chase Moore, and his precious family serving the Lord in the Himalayas. He is one we can certainly be proud of! Their presence there is not welcomed by the government which is why there are missing letters when speaking of spiritual matters. Everything is screened. We have to be very careful about correspondence that we send to them, as well.

      It's fall in the Himalayas...which means that the rain has finally gone away, a grey canopy replaced by clear blue skies, the air is crisp and cool, the "kangri" or "snow mountains" can finally be seen peeking over the surrounding "hills", and over 50% of the city (more than 1 million people) are making a mass exodus back to their far-off villages to celebrate the biggest holiday of the year.

      It's an enjoyable time of year, life and work slows down for a month around the holidays leaving more time for relationships and rest. Chase has started studying local language number 2. This language is not the language of our specific people, but is the official language of the country and even more widely used than Tibetan. From studying Bible stories with a Tibetan tutor back to children's toys and learning basic colors in Nepali.

    Chase has started attending a weekly local fellowship. We are finally at a place in language to understand the teachings, participate in worship, and carry on conversations. The fellowship is small. In fact, there are only half a dozen Tibetan believers in the whole city, but we hope to encourage this small local body and find partners for EV and church planting.
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Waste of Time!
December 11, 2013
Again, not taking care of business here at home.. We need to grow good Christians here,, Not across the pond, as in a lot of cases it has proven to be worthless, and all they want is the hands that it brings,,

Need to teach the word and good family values here at home, that is where it is needed most.. If you do not think so, then stop and pull your head out of your ass, and just look at what is happening.. And Yes that mean POLITICALLY AS WELL!