Gilmer ISD Bond Election
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I am proud to call Gilmer, Texas my home. I started my education in Indian Rock School where I spent my first two years. Then I spent the rest of my school years in the Gilmer ISD system.

I am thankful for the education that I received in the Gilmer ISD system, which prepared me for my college education that I would receive.

In 1947, I started my school days in the Gilmer system in the building then called Gilmer Ward School (now the old elementary school building).

In 1974, twenty-seven years later, I became Principal of Gilmer Elementary.

I spent the next 26 years with the most precious kids and teachers in the world. The building I worked in served its purpose. Now we have a beautiful new elementary campus. IT WAS TIME.

In 1951, I attended junior high in the building which is now the Gilmer ISD School Administration Offices for three years. In 1972, twenty-one years later, I became Principal of Gilmer Intermediate. IT’S TIME for our administrative offices to be upgraded.

In 1954, I started my high school days at the present high school in which I graduated from in 1958. Some 30 years later my son, Matthew, attended school in the same high school building. IT’S TIME.

Our students deserve to attend school in a beautiful, fantastic 21st century structure like the new elementary school. Our present high school building is inadequate. It has served its purpose. IT’S TIME.

You can make your choice now. You can vote YES or NO.

We live in a mobile society. One of the first things people look at is what kind of school system does a town have for their children. The school system is one of the heart-beats of our community.

A person asked me, “Are you going to vote YES to the upcoming bond issue?”

My answer was, “YOU BET I AM.”


Pat Camp

Proud Former Student

Proud Former Employee
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Clown Hater
November 01, 2013
I noticed that the Clowns are running around pulling up the No Signs up.

Makes one wonder ??

It shows me the Supporters have no respect for the ones who want to vote it down.

Gilmer Clowns you are a JOKE everybody laughs at you. The only thing you have going in your pitiful life is Football.

I for one will never live in Gilmer full of Clowns.

This School Crap is a money deal somebody is going to make a lot of money of it . There is already shady voting going on GISD you should be ashamed of the lengths you will go to win.

The State needs to come in they are stuffing VOTES !!!!!

Mr Camp you have taxes locked so you do not mind taxes going up.
Fed Up
October 27, 2013
In reference to Prop 3, the multipurpose building,(indoor practice field) Albritton has stated "The facility would only be built if voters also approved Proposition 1 for the new high school".

Why is this? Why wouldn't it be built if the other two propositions failed and Prop 3 passed? Because the multipurpose facility that King Traylor wants can not be built for the $2.1 million dollars. BUT, with the passing of Prop 1 with it's inflated cost projection, Slick Rick would be able to use those excess funds to build the Traylor Castle. Even if Prop 3 fails, the funds will "miraculously" be available from money "saved" by cutting corners on the High School project. Isn't that right Rick? Kinda like the scam you pulled when building the new Elementary School.
October 28, 2013
The poster above, hit the nail on the head. The crooks of Gilmer and Upshur county rise again.

I and only hope that you people out there take the time and read what they are trying to do. Proof is in the pudding, and the pudding has some lumps that will be very hard to swallow in the future.

Remember these are the same cronies that failed to vote against the appraisal district. So they say you new tax rate will be the 1.46 or 47. But what they are not telling you is the scammers, the appraisal district will continue to raise property values so there fore you taxes will continue to rise, while the rest of the county continues to crumble.

I again ask for your no vote. Until the prop is rewrote and the numbers are realistic.
Drying up
October 26, 2013
Half the the town is drying up. The neighborhoods are being over run with illegal. Businesses are closing right and left. There have not been any new major employers and very few good paying jobs.

And you people spent how much on the turf and press box? When the county roads are crap.

So to me there is no justification or the means to pay for a new school at this time.
October 26, 2013
voting no to bond that was rushed at us. Believe with concerned citizen, priorities are skewed.
concerned citizen
October 26, 2013
Vote NO to the bond. Money generated should have been spent on science labs a long time ago instead of a turf, field house mansion, and press box. Academics are not the priority of this district.
young blood
October 22, 2013
I will be voting no in bond election if they needed a new high thety should have thought of this before the new turf and press box.