GISD Board Presents Facts on November 5th Bond Election
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the crooks
November 04, 2013
yes the crooks in gilmer politics run a muck while the tax payers of this county get the shaft,,

just take a look around,,, at the business in town,, Most hope they will have 10 customers a day. Look at how run down the down town has become.. Look at how piss poor the country roads are,, Look at the employment opportunities in this town,, Truthfully THERE ARE NONE,,

All we hear about is new taxes in this county.. and town,,, no job development, no new business coming to town, no major plans to fix the roads in the county,,

But yet you want the people to pay 36 million on a school..

Really, you people need to get your heads out of your asses and start fixing the problem.. or you will end up like Winona,,,

So vote no for the school..
November 02, 2013
I hear the GISD owes with interest 27 Million so they need another 36 million

Spending is out of control GISD Has Never owed this much 63 Million WOW

Fed Up
November 02, 2013
Shhhhhhhh! The general public is not supposed to know that!!
Fed Up
November 01, 2013
In reference to Prop 3, the multipurpose building,(indoor practice field) Albritton has stated "The facility would only be built if voters also approved Proposition 1 for the new high school".

Why is this? Why wouldn't it be built if the other two propositions failed and Prop 3 passed? Because the multipurpose facility that King Traylor wants can not be built for the $2.1 million dollars. BUT, with the passing of Prop 1 with it's inflated cost projection, Slick Rick would be able to use those excess funds to build the Traylor Castle. Even if Prop 3 fails, the funds will "miraculously" be available from money "saved" by cutting corners on the High School project. Isn't that right Rick? Kinda like the scam you pulled when building the new Elementary School.

Check Your Facts
November 02, 2013
On, look under the GISD Election Order tab to the right and scroll down to Section 2. It states "Proposition 1 does not include funds for the multi-purpose facility described in proposition 3" Basically If both Proposition 1 and Proposition 3 don't pass the multi-purpose facility will not be built.
put up or shut up
November 03, 2013
Seems you have lots of information. Where is your proof? what documents show the elementary was cut? Oh, there are none, just more lies. Traylor Castle, really??? YOU just said YOU don't care about the Buckeyes. Coach Traylor is the leader and I think his record speaks loud and clear!! Slick Rick, really??? Take a tour of the old elementary and then have a look at the new. It's called progress with no corners cut! Yep, Fed up, you probably should move on.
Heck No
November 01, 2013
These are the Facts :

Renovate the Science Lab

Fix the Roof

Put more electrical in Randy Hill can do it

Add on as needed

Demolish the School ? No Way !!

Gross Waste of My Tax Dollars !!

Buy Text Books

Oh I hear the Teacher's are "REQUIRED TO VOTE IN THE BOARD ROOM"

This REEKS !!!!

November 01, 2013
You are an elected official!!!! Remember that!!! The taxpayers will.