Firefighter Charities
by miick3yb33
 Firefighter Charities
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How would you feel if you risked your life everyday to save strangers houses and belongings using your money and your time, not being able to go home until the early hours of the morning, sometimes not even being able to stop to sleep or eat because the fires can not be contained; leaving your loved ones not knowing if or when you will be back? This has been the life of every Upshur County Volunteer Firefighter for the past couple of weeks. As a teenager, I believe that people my age are impressionable and learn from the actions of people that they see around them. Which brings me to this point, last Saturday I, along with many of the other Gilmer Band members, stood on the side of the road in front of Brookshires and Walmart and took donations for our local Volunteer Firemen. We raised a large sum of money and appreciate all of the donations that were received. Although there were some very generous and kind people, there were also some that were not so generous and kind, going so far as to not even make eye contact or pulling out in front of other cars just so they wouldn't have to stop and donate a couple of dollars, or even loose change, to the heros of Upshur County. I honestly felt as if some thought the act of rolling their window down and dropping some change into a boot was a time-consuming inconvenience. If this is what our elders are teaching us, how will our generation act? This is not at all a rant about how rude and inconsiderate some people are. This is merely a pursuasive suggestion to stop and think about other people for a change instead of yourself. I, too, am guilty of thinking of only myself sometimes but when you take a step back and do something self-less for another person, it is one of the best feelings in the world.  

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