Falling Out of Love With a Television Show
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You know the routine. The romance begins. There's a new show on television and you just love it! You love its sassy, colorful characters. You love its sardonic wit. You love its snide one liners. You're in love with a show full of imaginary characters. The first season leaves you ready for the second season, and it doesn't disappoint. By the end of the second season, you have wedded the show and enjoyed the honeymoon. The third season begins and you enjoy it, but begin to notice that some of the things the characters say and do regularly have started to annoy you, ever so slightly. Oh, well.

As the season progresses, you begin to wonder "has it always been this annoying when she said that?" Time passes, and the show doesn't seem as spontaneous and entertaining as it used to be. It has that "not so fresh" feeling.

Alas, the fourth season begins. Didn't they use this plot in season one? Is that the same woman who played her mother in season one? Sure looks like a different woman to me. The lines sound all too familiar. The tilted head and whimsical look have become trite, seen too often. Familiarity leads to contempt. What used to seem awesome now seems awful.

Face it. They've run out of new materials, like those bands that peak early and fade soon after. The fifth season brings the affair. That time slot has been a stalwart for the show, but this year, your interest has waned sufficiently to test a new show.

Your dizzying fling with the new show ends soon upon your realization that your steady show really is better, and besides, it's comfy. You know it. You can make this work. As the sixth season starts, you realize you can't make this work, even if it is lonely out there. So, you decide that with or without another show ready to take you on a fictional journey with imaginary people, you're leaving the show you've watched for five years. You're doing it for yourself. You deserve to be happy.

A new and more awesome show will come along. You know how nature abhors a vacuum, whatever that means. At first, it's hard, because you miss the steadiness of that old show. Even when it annoyed, there was comfort in its consistency. You may not love it like you did in the early years, but it will always have a place in your heart. Well, the first two years will, for sure.

When your favorite show becomes your ex-favorite show, you have to move on. You have to make the best of it. You have to know that there is a show out there for that IS right for you. It will come along. But you have to stay positive and know that you deserve a good show. Then one day you flip on the television for a new show, or maybe it's just new to you. The characters are sassy and colorful. Their wit is sardonic. It's so fresh. Falling in love with a television show.

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