FairTaxHR25 Ends Power Peddling in Congress
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The #1 reason to repeal the income tax is to end evil. The income tax is evil because it puts government before God's directive that we are free and given our liberty by God, not government. We are free. What we create is ours to do with as we elect. Man has agreed to exchange some freedom for advantages offered by living in a group. Key to that concept is the principle that man, not government by force, willingly agreed to this pact. Free men can say, "This is mine. You cannot take it without my consent."

The IRS allows no such agreement. The IRS assumes a citizen is guilty without trial. The income tax has morphed into a deadly weapon used to control citizens it was supposed to help by providing revenue for governance. Now, the politically powerful use the IRS to destroy enemies, rewards friends, and grow their personal or political wealth. Men and women are forced into compliance through fear. This is evil.

Ending the income tax, FairTaxHR25 destroys the power of a handful of elite who in the pretense of funding government have for one-hundred years sucked the economic blod of citizens powerless to resist.

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