FOREMAN-MARPLES Friendship Rematch # 2
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I was very pleased to attend an evening with former two-time Heavyweight Boxing Champion of the World, George Foreman, held at the Civic Center in Center, Texas on November 5, 2013, which coincidentally would have been my late mother's 91st birthday and another coincidence: Mr. Foreman noted that 19 years ago on that day, he won the world's heavyweight boxing champion belt for the second-time.

I first met George Foreman in April of 2010, when he gave a lecture at Stephen F. Austin University in Nacogdoches. On that occasion, and on this most recent occasion, I also met Hollywood actor, Brad Maule, who starred in the television program "General Hospital" for 22 years. This recent event was a charity event to benefit the Shelby County Outreach Ministries and those people in need. I commend both Mr. Maule and Mr. Foreman for their fine efforts. It was great to speak with both of them; and especially fine to get a big smile and a handshake from "Big George Foreman". He is a former Olympic Gold Medalist; a successful businessman; and a true gentleman.

On this past September 14th, 2013, I had a large Oak Tree branch (bigger than a plain log) fall on me. It was just an accident, but it tore a large gash in my forehead and I lost a lot of blood. My head is still wrapped, at times, with bandages. I haven't completely healed; but on-the-mend. People at Center, Texas, wondered --- "What happened to you ?" I told them the story, but I was tempted to say that George Foreman AND Muhammad Ali had SIMULTANEOUSLY punched me, while in their prime career. Of course, it was a huge old Oak Tree that punched-me. It didn't knock-me-out. However, it knocked me flat on my back and when I rolled-over to my knees, my head was raining-blood. Thankfully, I had presence of mind to get myself to my feet and get inside the house and thrust a towel to the gashed forehead to stop my intense bleeding. At the charity event, Mr. Brad Maule commented to me: "You're lucky to be alive." I could only reply: "Quite right".

With me attending the charity-event in Center, Texas, was a "reunion" of sorts for all three of us. I can honestly say that the "Foreman-Marples Friendship Rematch # 2 " was a spectacular, memorable event. Although it wasn't boxing: It was still a lively event with good conversation and good memories. Mr. Maule was emcee and his singing was first-rate to entertain those in attendance. Yet, the "Main Event" was still Big George Foreman recounting his life story from his humble beginnings growing-up in Marshall, Texas, and culminating with the successful Man of Faith, and purpose-in-Life, that he is today. He noted his pride at waving the American Flag at the Olympic Games. Mr. Foreman embodies a genuine American Spirit of pride in our beloved Nation. We could use more people who are as motivated as he is. Mr. Foreman exemplifies being "Enthusiastic" and "Energized".

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