Extreme Body Make Over - Mine!
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This column was published 20 months ago in The Gilmer Mirror. Because it is an answer to the gimmickry sold to help weight loss, I thought it might be a good time to run it again, as written 20 months ago.

I started this quest 16 months ago. I decided to do the best I could to get back into shape, to make my body work better, and to try to reap health benefits mainly from regulating better what I ingest and what I do to keep my body in good condition.

First I lost the 60 pounds I had gained the past decade. That took a year. I did it by eating better, by preparing most of my food instead of eating out, and by counting calories every day and keeping my calorie count below 1800 daily.

Then I started a physical regimen after that year. Because it had been so long since I did any serious and regular exercise, I started slowly. At first, I dribbled the basketball in the driveway 10 minutes a day. In time, I pushed that to 30 minutes a day. I switched hands frequently, to give the upper body workout aspect balance. Then I started walking around while dribbling.

I kept that up until I was walking quickly and dribbling thirty minutes in a stretch, which meant I was walking a mile and a half or a little more. My driveway is long, so there is a stretch which I use. There's a 200 foot stretch of flat concrete which is perfect for dribbling and walking. Next I started walking a second 30 minutes a day, boosting my walking to 3 miles a day, all while dribbling a basketball. Then I added a third 30 minute walk a day with no dribbling. Then I added 30 minutes a day of stretching and core strength exercises. Then I added shooting baskets 15 minutes a day.

My daily regimen is now 6 miles of walking, with one mile of dribbling the basketball, plus stretching and strength exercises 30-40 minutes a day. I had to stop shooting the basketball, as my Achilles tendons were acting up.

Since adding the exercise aspect of my approach, I've lost another 20 pounds, for a total of 80 pounds lost. My blood pressure is typically 110/70 to 115/75, with a pulse of around sixty. I am taking no meds. I am eating the best I ever have. My general health is good.

By using stretching exercises, I have countered the debilitating effects I used to see when I started walking very much. Every time I had tried to get back into shape for several years, pain in my left hip and lower back stopped me. I've had shots and treatments. I wanted nature's answer, and nature's answer was: strengthen your core, Jim. So that's what I've done, and it is has helped greatly. Also, quality massage therapy by a top notch massage therapist helped me immensely.

My approach involved going online and reviewing various weight loss and/or health programs. I also have to tip my hat to AARP, whose monthly publication had some really good suggestions on keeping fit as a senior. Much of our health depends on what we eat, what we breathe, and how much we move our bodies. I finally accepted that if I wanted to get my body back, I had to go do it with a tedious and demanding approach which required me mainly to put in effort and be willing to put in the time and dedication to that purpose. There are many health problems that we cannot do anything about. I am trying to do something about the ones which I can address better by working to have a better and more healthy body. Consider it, yourself. I am sixty three years old. I was in terrible shape, now I’m in pretty good shape. If I can do it, you can do it.

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Jim “Pappy” Moore is a native son of East Texas who still makes the piney woods his home. oaktreefm58@juno.com
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July 01, 2014
WARNING! Do not follow the link the weight loss schemer has posted unless you want to get your computer infected with malware!!