Exit the Republican Party
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For years the Republican Party, at every level, has disappointed me. The party has two personalities; one that arrives as campaign season begins, and a second which it reverts to the day after Election Day. I have been a Christian Conservative Independent since I lost the Republican Primary for County Commissioner to a Democrat convert many years ago. I have written and spoken about the need to create a new political party to replace the Republican Party.

With the rise of Donald John Trump and his America First Agenda, there was a small chance the Republican Party could be reformed. If President Trump had won re-election, if the corrupt voting machines had allowed for the election of majorities in the House and Senate, America might be on the way to a reformed Republican Party. But alas, that did not happen.

So now, I once again call for Christian Conservatives, American nationalists, Tea Party and Deplorables to exit the Republican Party in mass, and spend the next two years creating an America First Party. This party should adopt as its core agenda the economic, social, foreign defense polices of the agenda of President Trump. And the party should adopt a very strong allegiance to the party platform that requires candidates and office holders to swear they will work with the leadership to enact the agenda. Office holders who abandon their campaign promises should be immediately removed from office.

The greatest advantage to Donald Trump as our leader was his modern, real world approach to issues we face as a nation. The essence of his presidency was problem resolution! The greatest legacy for the greatest President this nation ever had would be the establishment of a major party constructed around his wisdom, courage, and self-sacrifice.

Imagine a Donald John Trump working for two years, with his family, to build a new national party. His voice, vision, energy and charisma could unite the 80 million who voted for him, and give this nation a breath of life and revived spirit in the 21st Century.

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