Energy - Stop Using Foreign Oil
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We have everything we need in America. We have natural gas, oil, coal, solar and wind energy. We should utilize everything at our disposal to end our dependence on foreign oil. It is time to stop flooding the Middle East with money. These people hate us. Why do we buy their oil?


            America has enough oil. It is estimated North Dakota has as much as 500 billion gallons of oil that is in the process of being drilled. The Marcellus shale fields of Pennsylvania, Ohio, New York and West Virginia promises more natural gas than Saudi Arabia has oil.


            We can run automobiles and the large trucks of America on natural gas. It's time to start using it. Automobile companies are converting some of their vehicles to operate on natural gas. Service stations across the nation must move forward with natural gas pumps.


            I like coal. My father was a coal miner for 30 years. He raised five kids on a coal miner's salary. We must continue to work toward burning coal cleaner, more efficiently and environmentally safer. It is a powerful source of energy and we should use it. We hear reports that power plants are moving closer to burning cleaner energy. We hear other reports that power plants are moving to natural gas.


            We are learning more each year on how to better use solar and wind energy. We should utilize both of these to meet our heating and cooling needs. The windmills are dotting a lot of landscape in the western part of the United States. They are not the complete answer for power but they are a welcome part of the formula.


            As long as we are dependent on foreign energy there will be wars in the Middle East. We need to stop the senseless wars that are ongoing over Middle Eastern oil. Once we become an energy independent nation gasoline prices will decrease. Plus we will not be burning our money in fighting senseless wars to protect our oil interests. Thousands of lives will be spared from wars in places like Iraq and Afghanistan.


            The goal of every American should be to utilize American energy. This will create more jobs and wealth for Americans instead of sending our wealth overseas.


            An energy independent America will be a happier America. Cutting our entanglements with Middle Eastern oil insures a brighter future for America. 




 Glenn Mollette is the author of American Issues: Every American Has An Opinion.

He is the author of other books and hundreds of articles. 


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