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  March 10, 2013
Whole Foods to Label Genetically Modified Foods
  whole foods  

On Friday, Whole Foods Market announced that by 2018, all genetically modified (GMO) foods in their stores will be labeled. A.C. Gallo, president of Whole Foods, said the decision to require labels on all GMO-containing products in its 339 stores throughout the U.S. and…

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Pollution and Secrecy in China
  beijing smog  

Air quality has plummeted in Beijing, with strong winds bringing massive amounts of dust from Mongolia to China’s capital, combined with heavy smog from polluting industries and power plants making the air all but unbreathable. Sunday, March 10, marked the second such…

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Toxic Debris Delivers Triple Whammy
  ocean debris  

While plastic refuse on land is a familiar eyesore as litter and a burden on landfills, in the marine environment it can be lethal to sea creatures by way of ingestion or entanglement. Now, a new study highlights how ocean plastic debris is also a threat to humans because…

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Saving Alaska
Alaska’s Oil-Rich National Petroleum Reserve Receives Federal Protection

Located high above the Arctic Circle, the National Petroleum Reserve-Alaska (NPR-A) is as isolated as it gets. As its title suggests, this 23.5 million-acre parcel of public land has a coveted feature—an estimated 17.55 trillion feet of natural gas and roughly 604 million…

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Green Deliveries
Subscription Services for Natural Products Are Taking Off

“Nobody gets mail anymore. There is little interaction with the doorstep,” says Jesse Richardson, co-founder of Conscious Box, a company that supplies vegan and vegetarian boxes via subscription through the mail. Jameson Morris, a partner, vets the products. The cost is…

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How Green Is That…Rain Gear?
Umbrellas, Boots and Slickers that Are Keeping It Green

Ready to suit up for the wet weather and in the market for new gear? Stay dry with umbrellas, boots and slickers that can withstand the elements while keeping resource use to a minimum.

1. Each umbrella ($45) from Monsoon Vermont is unique—colorfully crafted from…

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The Efficiency Nightmare
A Review of The Efficiency Trap: Finding a Better Way to Achieve a Sustainable Energy Future by Steve Hallett

In The Efficiency Trap: Finding a Better Way to Achieve a Sustainable Energy Future (Prometheus Books), author Steve Hallett challenges the almighty quest for efficiency, asking “What if the virtuous Prius driver consumes more energy than the jerk in the Hummer?”…

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Attracting Backyard Pollinators

Dear EarthTalk: I’d like to have a garden that encourages bees and butterflies. What’s the best approach?

—Robert Miller, Bakersfield, CA

Attracting bees and butterflies to a garden is a noble pursuit indeed, given that we all depend on these species and others…

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Addressing Global Food Scarcity

Dear EarthTalk: What are the main drivers of food scarcity that lead to so much starvation around the world, and how can they be addressed?

—Marjorie Millerton, Provo, UT

Food scarcity is a bigger problem than ever as human population numbers continue to swell, putting…

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