Dear Crabbie
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Dear Crabbie: A rare mammal, the saola, has been photographed in Vietnam for the first time in 15 years. It’s been nicknamed the "Asian unicorn" since it has two long horns instead of one. Pretty cool, huh? – Unicorn Spotter

Dear Spotter: Big deal. My neighbor has an animal with two long horns. He calls it a goat.

Dear Crabbie: Kmart is introducing a rent-to-own program for big ticket items. Would you take advantage of their offer? – Bargain Babe

Dear BB: Only if it extends to potential husbands.

Dear Crabbie: Apparently, Miley Cyrus smoked pot on stage at a recent music awards ceremony because she thought it would be very funny. Is she classy, or what? – Astonished

Dear Astonished: Where’s a sinkhole when you need one.

Dear Crabbie: According to a recent interview on NBC, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi claimed Democrats are not losing confidence in the president’s ability to make the Affordable Care Act work. Would you agree? – Wishful

Dear Wishful: Sounds like a load of Pelosi to me.

Dear Crabbie: In computer terms, the memory capacity of the human brain is estimated at about 2 petabytes, although I think mine is much less. How does your brain’s memory compare? – Retention Challenged

Dear RC: My memory works fine, as long as I have access to Google.

Dear Crabbie: Looks like famed TV pitchman Kevin Trudeau if off to jail after being found guilty of criminal contempt for exaggerating the contents of his weight-loss book in infomercials. What should he do next? – Foul Pitcher

Dear FP: Change his web site from to KevinTrudeau.con
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