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by andy1962
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Three Upshur County Officials were charged with official oppression and abuse of official capacity by a grand jury.

Sheriff Anthony Betteron, Judge Dean Fowler, and precinct 3 Commissioner Lloyd Crabtree all turned themselves in after they were charged.

These charges stem from the Upshur County Commissioner's court ending public comments at meetings.

KLTV has also learned that Upshur County Judge Dean Fowler cast the tie-breaking vote to once again, allow public comment at meetings.

For weeks, residents taped their mouths shut in silent protest during the meetings. Some even wore their disgust with the rule on their sleeves, wearing shirts that read "Can you hear me now?"

Public comment will be allowed at the next meeting, but two new commissioners are expected to join the court after the first of the year.



SO......."Sheriff Anthony Betteron, Judge Dean Fowler, and precinct 3 Commissioner Lloyd Crabtree all turned themselves in after they were charged."

Just checked the Upshur County Judical Records, not any of the 3 were booked in or mug shots taken. If your charged, you have to be arrested and if your arrested you have to be booked in. Are these 3 being given special treatment?

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Pissing on U
January 05, 2011
Isn't that ironic that the indicted officials are whining, especially Todd Tefteller their attorney, because they didn't get a chance to tell there side of the story after voting to not allow the citizens comment or give there side at meetings? Welcome to Upshur County Justice Todd Tefteller, Dean, Betterton and Crabtree. With your cussing in the press, Todd Tefteller, we thought you might want to run for county judge. It appears you are taking after Dean Fowler as when he tries to belittle the county commissioners in his kangaroo court. The county judge job does not require a law degree and with Fowler's bad press you would probably stand a good chance of taking it away from him. LOL, but thats only after you let us piss on the carpet as you said in the newspapers. Right now we are just busy pissing on Fowler and wondering what school you all got your law degrees from. Is it the online school the University of Phoenix? LOL