County Judge Dean Fowler Should Resign
by abe
 County Judge Fowler Should Resign
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County Judge Dean Fowler should resign his position immediatley.  He has clearly mixed business and personal matters to the extent that it has caused questions of his integrity by the District Attorney and the Texas Rangers. 

$36,741.95 is alot of money for former attorney Robert Bennett to give Fowler in reimbursement for some trips they took together and for a couple of "referrals."  In many industries, payment for referrals is illegal.  Leave it to the legal profession to try and make it legal for their purposes. 

Fowler also clearly lied to the press when he stated that he was cleared by the Texas Rangers.  The Texas Rangers do not clear anyone that's up to the District Attorney or the Grand Jury.  Leave it to an attorney, Fowler, to try an twist matters in the press to the public. By this statement, Fowler either lied to the press or he is an incompetent as an attorney.  I'll leave that to the public to decide.

By the way, what is an attorney doing in a County Judge position that pays very meager pay by attorney standards?  I've looked at his job description and it does not require a law degree.  When you add Fowlers pay of $60-70K plus a year and healthcare benefits, plus referral fees that we know and possibly do not know about this could come to quite a substantial sum of money for playing judge in a small town.  I've also heard that Fowler awarded the County Insurance program to his brother in law sometime back.  I hope Fowler is investigated thoroughly and all possible "referrals" comingled between his "friends" comes to light.  As Billy Byrd, DA stated in the Gilmer Mirror's article, "There are rules that govern regards to those who practice before him,"  Robert Bennett was on the court appontment list for Dean's court and was paid taxpayer money to represent clients before him."

Well, I'm not a lawyer, but I would say Fowler has clearly used his positon as a County Judge to benefit his wallet.

It's time for Fowler to resign his position.   Let's get honesty and integrity back in Upshur County.

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Betsey Raine
March 11, 2017
Judge Mary Priest CAN BE BOUGHT.

71 %
March 12, 2014
Hey Abe:

Fowler just got 71% of the vote in the Republican primary. I bet that burns your ill informed, idiot, loser ass! Do you even live in Upshur County?
Fowler is Great
September 02, 2013
Judge Dean Fowler has done more for Upshur County than any other County Judgde in the County's history. Cooperation among Commissioners. Balanced budgets without tax increases. He is a great Judge !!!
Please Speak Truth
September 02, 2013
After these many years, Fowler is not guilty of anything. That's according to a jury and at least one judge. His current Commissioners love him. You just can't stand it, can you? You hate Fowler for all the good he has done. You hate Upshur County and the progress the County has made under Fowler's leadership. Speak the TRUTH...You are a hater of all that is good...Texas...Upshur County...Judge Fowler. Why don't you just move to the Phillipines.
Arch Angel
April 21, 2011
Folwer is not smart enough to resign. That's why he is in all the trouble he is in. He has never really been successful at anything that he has done. Won the county judge election, whoopie do, anyone can be the county judge. This guy went to law school and all he aspired to is harrassing people in his court that he does not like. Looks like the shoe is on the other foot now.
Pissing on U
January 05, 2011
Isn't that ironic that the indicted officials are whining, especially Todd Tefteller their attorney, because they didn't get a chance to tell there side of the story after voting to not allow the citizens comment or give there side at meetings? Welcome to Upshur County Justice Todd Tefteller, Dean, Betterton and Crabtree. With your cussing in the press, Todd Tefteller, we thought you might want to run for county judge. It appears you are taking after Dean Fowler as when he tries to belittle the county commissioners in his kangaroo court. The county judge job does not require a law degree and with Fowler's bad press you would probably stand a good chance of taking it away from him. LOL, but thats only after you let us piss on the carpet as you said in the newspapers. Right now we are just busy pissing on Fowler and wondering what school you all got your law degrees from. Is it the online school the University of Phoenix? LOL
January 04, 2011
UPSHUR COUNTY, TX (KLTV) – Upshur County Judge Dean Fowler has been suspended with pay after recent indictments by a grand jury. Judge Fowler and County Commissioner Lloyd Crabtree were both charged with official oppression and abuse of capacity. Sheriff Anthony Betterton was also indicted on official oppression.

The charges stem from the court's ban on public comment, and for removing a man who placed duct tape over his mouth in protest.

Oh, Who's laughing now Fowler?
January 02, 2011
So why was Fowler not arrested? Was he given a favor by another questionable judge, Lauren Parish, in a legal loophole or was it just an outright abuse of the law?
Crooks are Caught!
December 30, 2010
Today, Three Upshur County Officials were charged with official oppression and abuse of official capacity by a grand jury.

Sheriff Anthony Betteron, Judge Dean Fowler, and precinct 3 Commissioner Lloyd Crabtree all turned themselves in after they were charged.

These charges stem from the Upshur County Commissioner's court ending public comments at meetings.

KLTV has also learned that Upshur County Judge Dean Fowler cast the tie-breaking vote to once again, allow public comment at meetings.

For weeks, residents taped their mouths shut in silent protest during the meetings. Some even wore their disgust with the rule on their sleeves, wearing shirts that read "Can you hear me now?"

Public comment will be allowed at the next meeting, but two new commissioners are expected to join the court after the first of the year.

SO........."Sheriff Anthony Betteron, Judge Dean Fowler, and precinct 3 Commissioner Lloyd Crabtree all turned themselves in after they were charged."

Just checked the Upshur County Judical Records, not any of the 3 were booked in or mug shots taken. If your charged, you have to be arrested and if your arrested you have to be booked in. Are these 3 being given special treatment?

Not in Gilmer!
Calvin Monasco
April 18, 2010
LOOK AT Upshur County Bad to the Bone

on the Gilmer Mirror Blog.

You can contact me at

Cork the Whiner
January 21, 2010
This guy is also a big WHINER. Look at the local news, he likes to pull stunts that basically waste the taxpayers money arguing over stuff that just does not amount to anything other than him not doing the job he is currently being paid to do and getting his name in the paper. If I ws him, I would be trying to stay out of the paper. When its not to his advantage of being in the paper he only knows how to say, NO COMMENT. Hopefully Gilmer is voting this guy out soon!
January 05, 2010
This guy goes from a Republican to a Democrat to a Republican all to try and stay elected as the county judge. I'm a Republican and I sure as hell don't want him representing me. Elect Dodd he's a Republican and he has not had a problem being a Republican and representing Republican platforms. He doesn't switch parties just to try and stay elected. Dean Fowler, well what can you say, he's still trying to decide what he wants to be when he grows up.
November 05, 2009
October 29, 2009
If I was this guy, I think I would have the guts to stand up and respond to this stuff. That is unless I was guilty of it and then I would dodge it all like it appears he is doing. You know he has read this stuff and half the town has told him about it. Well we'll just give Fowler a "fair judgement" like he does everyone else "Guilty as Charged!" Have a great day Bishop Fowler...... He may be a want to be social climber in Gilmer, TX, but his ladder is clearly on the wrong wall. :)
September 06, 2009
I remember his brother in law, whom was in insurance, getting the county insurance bid. Thats a little too close too don't you think? Wonder if this got checked into? In Gilmer, doubt it.
Give Folwer a Paycut
August 26, 2009
In this weeks paper, Fowler thinks that $74K is too much for an assistant district attorney.... Well I would like to know what the worth of a County Judge Dean Fowler is since he approved a couple of thousand dollars worth of payments to Attorney Robert Bennett...TWICE. His excuse was he trust people.... Fowler, in his position, should be keeping files and records on these matters. He is suppose to be a responsible person in a responsible position. By these actions and others he is clearly asleep on the job. Yes, what I would call KICKBACKS for Bennett referring business to Fowler was deemed ok by the legal system, yet in private business it is considered illegal or not of ethical and moral character, he scaped past justice here. Fowler still should be removed from his position and or his salary cut drastically. If you had to go before Fowler do you really think you would get an honest's doubtful. He protects his interest only. I hear Fowler makes about the same amount of money as the proposed salary for the assistant district attorney, plus health care benefits. If anyone’s salary should be cut it is Folwer's for being such a screw up. Like other comments have said, "Why is an Attorney playing County Judge when the County Judge position does not require a law degree or a degree in particular." I seem to remember a number of people in the County Judges position whom just had high school education. Is a law degree worth the same value of what a high school education was a few years back? Make your think doesn't it...... Anyway, cut Fowlers salary to about 25K-30K a year and we’ll see if he’s responsible enough to earn that much money. He’s clearly riding the back of the County on what he is getting paid now.
Billy Bob Fred Ted
August 26, 2009
Thanks for making me laugh all - even dragging an innocent eating establishment in on it (Swanner's).
Full of it
August 25, 2009
To the individual that wrote the paragraph below, perhaps you did not notice in the paper that Fowler approved a couple thousand dollars in payments to Bennett that he should not have…Oh, you missed that did you or did you prefer to skip over that FACT? Perhaps you should read the newspaper reports more often before shooting off your mouth and embarrassing yourself. Of course the approval of payments by Fowler was lightly glossed over by the DA and everyone else. Fowler, true to his form, is not very attentive to detail and TRUSTED people rather than keeping accurate records. At least that’s what he blamed it on in the newspaper. Trusting people rather than keeping accurate paperwork, hmmm, I think most people would call that LAZY. Why else would an attorney be doing a job that does not require a law degree and pays much less than you could make in being a practicing attorney? It appears that whomever is over Fowler is a slacker like him. He still screwed up in approving additional payments that had already been paid and “taking KICKBACKS for a referral from attorney to attorney should be illegal.” If an individual in a normal business situation had of approved payments to an individual as Fowler did they would be FIRED or SEVERELY REPRIMANDED.

Unfortunately, Folwer is still where he is and no one has mentioned anything about a reprimand or potential firing have they? Also kickbacks, i.e. payments to an individual for referrals, in most businesses is highly discouraged and considered ILLEGAL in most. Of course the public is not surprised that attorneys would find a way to make kickbacks to each other "legal” Chalk up another one for the Good Old Boy system. Oh by the way, our tax dollars help to pay for all this mess to continue as it has. The tail clearly chases the dog in Gilmer, otherwise a number of people there would have quickly lost their jobs. Don't you wonder why the City of Gilmer is such a mess? The City is out of money and there are ten employees trying to do the job that one could do most anywhere else. Your elected officials are the cause of the decline of the City of Gilmer and they all like to blame it on their predecessors. Vote them all out and start new at the next elections. The commissioners have also moved forward in lowering the Assistant District Attorneys salary from its predecessor. Guess what, Folwer helped in getting himself and others a raise in Gilmer when the economy is in a severe decline. I don't see Fowler and the Commissioners taking a salary cut, do you? I imagine it would be hard to pay for that new sports car of his with a salary cut, not to mention all the healthcare benefits that are included in his benefits package. All of this and he still can’t do a decent job for us. Fowler and the commissioners should lead by example or rather take the same medicine they are trying to dish out? Vote him and the rest of them out next election. We are paying for all this, it’s like welfare, the people in these positions have a solid check and benefits and they are not really doing anything of worth that someone else could do for MUCH LESS. VOTE THEM ALL OUT NEXT ELECTION. Next time, point out all of the facts before trying to cover up someone’s poor job performance.

August 16, 2009
You people are idiots, and I hope that now that it has come out in the open that Judge Fowler did NOTHING wrong and WAS CLEARED by the Rangers, you will feel shameful for so "righteously" judging him.
May 18, 2009
The Texas Rangers don't waste time on small town judges unless there's something fishy going on. Gilmer has been fishy for years so it's about time someone buried this stinking mess once and for all.