Convention of States
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As a citizen of Texas, I believe it is my duty to to tell you about the best chance to save our Republic from the over reaching federal government. George Mason and James Madison gave us a tool in the Constitution to reign in the federal government, Article V.

Article V authorizes the people, with their state legislatures, to call a convention to propose Amendments to the Constitution, like term limits for congress.

Citizens for Self Governance has launched a project, Convention of States Project, to limit the power and jurisdiction of Federal Government. The great state of Texas has a leadership team in place to spearhead this movement. To get involved visit our website or contact our state leadership at

I believe the COS Project gives, WE THE PEOPLE, a way out of the abusive Federal government policies and together we can preserve liberty for our children and grandchildren.
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Rita Dunaway
March 24, 2014
I agree, Susan! At this point in time, the problem is too big to be fixed by electing "the right people." We must repair the damage that has been done to the original meaning of the Constitution through decades of Supreme Court precedents that have stretched the enumerated powers beyond recognition.
Bill Walker
March 25, 2014
I disagree. Not because a convention is what is needed nor because it is not required. Public record shows 49 states have submitted 746 applications. See I disagree because it is obvious because Ms. Valliant is either lying or has not done her homework.

The person behind COS is Robert Natelson. Read and you'll discover Natelson favors cutting the people entirely out of the convention process. Ms. Valliant is wrong because COS wants nothing to do with the people having any say in a convention.