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 “Dying in CorUpshur County”
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CorUpshur County
CorUpshur County


There is a cult in Upshur County about 5 miles south of Gilmer at the end of Eagle road off highway  271 heading toward Gladewater. They call themselves Twin Lakes otherwise known as Gilmer Boating & Fishing club. They will invite you in to their club in order to sell you a house and even if they make a special deal with you to not hold you to one of their bylaws because of there hatred toward you because you are not just like them they will go back on their word and sue the hell out you for not complying to the bylaw that you were told you need not comply to because of your special deal if you are not what they want you to be and you are different than them. They will even lie under oath and say THERE WAS NEVER SUCH AN ARRANGEMENT MADE. They hate anyone who is not just like them. They hate me my family and all my friends. They hate us so much that they are willing to do anything within their power and the power of their friends in elected offices within our County to make your lives miserable even if it causes you to be so ill that it will kill you. I told them that the stress they imposed upon me caused me to come down with fatal disease called pure red cell aplasia they just laughed and continued to make my life as miserable as possible by doing such things as stalking me my friends and family even stopping in front of my house rolling their window down and laughing as loud they could to show me that they are able to overpower me with the Judges and the Sheriffs Department in ATTEMP TO CAUSE ME TO EITHER MOVE OUT OF THEIR COMPOUND OR DIE. These people and all their connections in the Upshur county judicial system should be reckoned with and removed from any office they may hold. The only person in Upshur politics that I trust is Commissioner Crittenden. I believe this is because he is the only one willing to disagree with the corrupt people in power within Upshur County. This could happen to you as easily as it happened to me. All they have to do is dislike and they will hate you. These people claim to be good Christian people yet they work against all teachings of Jesus in the new testament of the bible. I do not claim to be a good Christian yet I am closer to conducting my affairs in the way Jesus asked us all to conduct ourselves as his followers. Beware of these people who hate people who are different from themselves and who have bean building a compound surrounded with security gates and other means of escaping from the rest of the good citizens of our great nation in a way much similar to the Waccos of Waco. The club along with their crooked lawyer Barry Wallace and Judge Lauren Parish recently jailed me for a period not less than 120 days for allowing my son to stay overnight with me in the home that I purchased from their club secretary while I was very ill. After serving about 70 days in jail and being ambulanced to ETMC Tyler 2 times at near death conditions needing to have blood transfusions because of a severe lack of blood bringing my hemoglobin count to as low as 5.9 and requiring as many as 4 pints of blood to reach 8.9 well below the normal hemoglobin of 14.0 which means I was still about 5 pints low the Upshur County jail released me early to avoid paying any further expenses to keep me alive and abandoned me at the hospital in Tyler leaving me to get back home to Gilmer on my own penniless and homeless and without transportation while still being extremely ill. Now after losing my auto my home my savings and my health and ability to work I am currently sleeping on a couch at a friends house as I try to start my life over again from scratch while still fighting a fatal illness. They will never break my spirit and cause me to behave as they do because I believe all people have the rite to believe and live as they fill fit as long as they stay within the law and bring no harm to others. 

The foreclosure of my home leaves the former Gilmer Boating and Fishing Club secretary free to resell the home and collect another down payment and many monthly premiums while trying to get rid of the new buyer so he can sell again. Don't believe anything these people say no matter how honest they appear to be.

If these people only want people who have the same color age ethnicity marital status beliefs behaviorism upbringing wants desires sexuality manor-ism likes dislikes heritage and hobbies as they have why invite someone different to live in their compound if only to make that persons life a living hell if they are not wiling or able to become a clone of the clan? And better yet why does the law not only accept but help them do it? It's like unknowingly stepping into another country and being hated on as if you have invaded them. Why not only invite their clones to live there?

Over the past 6 years of my friends my family and myself being subject to the prejudiced behavior and the hate crimes played against us I have made countless attempts to schedule an appointment with Upshur County District Attorney Billy Bird or any of his staff members. These attempts were made via telephone registered mail and in person. I have yet to be allowed to meet with them and every time I attempted to see them in person I was told that I can not speak to anyone without first scheduling an appointment.

After leaving Twin Lakes I have become much more at ease and my health seems to be improving. They can longer stop in the road in front of my house and stare at me as if they want me to die but I am sure they can still have my family my friends and myself arrested on false charges just as they have done in the past as long as Sheriff Betterton remains in office.

These people claim to be Christians yet they live for hate rather than love.

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bless you
September 30, 2012
I hope someone does come to your aid. I bet everything you say is true because there is a lot of corruption in this county and everyone leaving comments on your blogs seem like a bunch of bigoted idiots who are conspiring against you and whats wrong with receiving social security anyway.
September 30, 2012
Dear entitled,

You certainly may ask.

I receive social security and will soon be on medicare in which I have more than paid for.

Thank you for reading my blogs.
September 29, 2012
WOW, you leave so many impressive comments on a variety of topics. If the world did not consider you a mental case don't you think that a real newspaper, television station or some sympathetic group would pick up on your cause? Would you mind letting the world know how much government assistance you are currently receiving because clearly the "entitlement" model that you operate on is exactly why the United States is in its current downfall with a socialist President destroying the country.