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The commissioners have decided to lower the Assistant District Attorneys salary from the former amount paid to the Assistant DA, well that’s great as now the District Attorney has filed a lawsuit to change the salary back. Do the commissioners in Gilmer ever think before they do? Now whatever the outcome, thousands will be spent in resolving this situation. And guess what, we the taxpayers will all pay for this stupidity. For the DA, don’t you really have something better to do like drug cases, etc., instead of spending your time on this? I personally don’t agree with what the commissioners have done. But, everyone is making great headlines in the newspapers and on t.v. in getting their names out, but many people think this is all pretty stupid.

Why don’t the commissioners lower their salaries and lead by example, as we are clearly not getting anything of value from their work? They are costing the taxpayers money and our area is in a recession with the rest of the Country.

The County Judge, Dean Fowler, is getting paid much more than the Assistant District Attorney and his position does not require that a law degree, so I find it interesting that a person working in a position requiring a law degree, an Assistant District Attorney, would get paid much less than the "County Judge." The County Judge in Gilmer could be "Bubba" if he would run and become elected. Why doesn’t Gilmer equate the job responsibilities, educational requirements, etc. with pay?

Come on Commissioners, start thinking instead of constantly being the laughing stock in the press and to the DA please try to focus on more important matters. People can all accept what the position pays or resign from the position and go somewhere else to work. That is what everyone else in a non-elected position would do. Resolve issues, save the taxpayers money, and keep your names out of the headlines, as when you are in the headlines it is usually not good.

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Calvin Monasco
April 18, 2010

Upshur County Bad to the Bone

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August 29, 2009
I find it amusing that when a female takes over the position previously held by a male, the position is suddenly worth less money.Upshur County politicians by in large, assume that a female can not do the work as effeciently, professionally, or thouroughly as her male counterpart. Female county, city or local government employees are seen in Upshur County as needing to stay in the female dominated positions like clerks, secretaries, receptionists, etc. Is it really so amazing that a woman can hold a professional position, have a fulfilling career that she is successful at, be a mom, wife, and daughter all at the same time? Is so unheard of that she has a brain and can think critically, reason logically, and prosecute effectively? Is it really so unheard of that a female is worth, in dollars, the same amount as a male in the exact same position, with the exact same responsibilites but she has more experience? Wow!! What a thought a female that is more experience in her career as a prosecutor than the male who preceded her! This may be a first for Upshur County. Since I'm not a native I can't speak about the history but some will be able to recall for themselves. Congratulations Mrs. Brownlee, Mr. Byrd and Upshur County for coming out smelling like a rose in the first round.

Don't you find it interesting that all 4 commissioners earn $40,000 a year to meet twice a month for a meeting. Lets give them the benefit of the doubt and say they work 8 hours a MONTH in the course of their bi-weekly meetings. Simple mathematices tells us that comes to $416 PER HOUR, roughly. Now, lets just deduce that becuase of her need to be adequately prepared for court she takes work home and she works 50 hours a WEEK. Simple mathematics once again shows that she earns, compared to the commissioners, $30 PER HOUR, roughly. All of the commissioners have some other business venture that earns them at least that much a year, and probably more. Doesn't our ADA who works 50-60 or more hours a WEEK, desire a fair wage. Let me break this down for you. The ADA works, on average 25 times as many hours as the commissioners, yet the commissioners get paid about 13 times the salary when you compare dollars paid for hours worked. Do you see your hard earned money, that you pay in taxes, going down the drain???!! I DO!

Doesn't the Sheriff and his Deputies deserve to have someone prosecuting the criminals they arrest who earns a salary not quite twice what the commissioners get paid for her 25 fold hours a month? This is a slap in the face for the taxpayers of Upshur County. This is what the bureaucratic politicians think of the tax money you are mandated to pay yearly. They don't care about the voters, the law enforcement, or the legal counsels that work hard and risk their lives daily to arrest, detain and prosecute the criminals of this county. It all boils down to padding their pockets and furthering their own political agendas.

I appreciate the law enforcement and the DA's office for the hard work they do everyday. They should be some of our top-funded agencies and offices. I doubt seriously if anyone, other than the commissioners themselves, would really notice if the commissioners offices were not filled and the court never resumed again. I like Mr. Billy Byrd, what he stands for and how he conducts the business of his office, fair and impartial. I have not personally met Mrs. Brownlee, but if she can stick it out under this group of adversarial, male chauvenist, politically motivated "good ole' boys" then she is a bulldog, and I like bulldogs!

Cut Fowlers Salary!!
August 26, 2009
In this weeks paper, Fowler thinks that $74K is too much for an assistant district attorney.... Well I would like to know what the worth of a County Judge Dean Fowler is since he approved a couple of thousand dollars worth of payments to Attorney Robert Bennett...TWICE. His excuse was he trust people.... Fowler, in his position, should be keeping files and records on these matters. He is suppose to be a responsible person in a responsible position. By these actions and others he is clearly asleep on the job. Yes, what I would call KICKBACKS for Bennett referring business to Fowler was deemed ok by the legal system, yet in private business it is considered illegal or not of ethical and moral character, he scaped past justice here. Fowler still should be removed from his position and or his salary cut drastically. If you had to go before Fowler do you really think you would get an honest's doubtful. He protects his interest only. I hear Fowler makes about the same amount of money as the proposed salary for the assistant district attorney, plus health care benefits. If anyone’s salary should be cut it is Folwer's for being such a screw up. Like other comments have said, "Why is an Attorney playing County Judge when the County Judge position does not require a law degree or a degree in particular." I seem to remember a number of people in the County Judges position whom just had high school education. Is a law degree worth the same value of what a high school education was a few years back? Make your think doesn't it...... Anyway, cut Fowlers salary to about 25K-30K a year and we’ll see if he’s responsible enough to earn that much money. He’s clearly riding the back of the County on what he is getting paid now.