Building schools
'Pay now or pay much more later'
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Whether or not to pass a bond issue to build and refurbish schools in Gilmer ISD is a hot topic this fall. Most people concentrate on the financial part of this discussion. Building schools is going to cost money and raise taxes whenever the project is approved—now or later.

The real discussion should be about providing facilities required to give our students the best education experience available. It should be obvious that to do this requires facilities far different than that needed 60, 50 or even 25 years ago. Readin’, writin’ and ’rithmetic are still taught today, but many other subjects are taught that require space and equipment much more sophisticated.

These needs are in many areas ranging from technology classes for those students who may not attend four-year universities to chemistry, physics and biology classes for those planning to attend university. We cannot overlook any of these students.

Honeywell Corporation utilized a catch phrase to sell Fram filters: “pay me now or pay me later.” The application for us today is: “Pay now or pay much more later.” We need to support the recommendation of the citizen committee and our Board of Trustees to build facilities now to take advantage of low interest rates.

Pete Herrmann, GHS Class of 1962
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Fed Up
November 01, 2013
In reference to Prop 3, the multipurpose building,(indoor practice field) Albritton has stated "The facility would only be built if voters also approved Proposition 1 for the new high school".

Why is this? Why wouldn't it be built if the other two propositions failed and Prop 3 passed? Because the multipurpose facility that King Traylor wants can not be built for the $2.1 million dollars. BUT, with the passing of Prop 1 with it's inflated cost projection, Slick Rick would be able to use those excess funds to build the Traylor Castle. Even if Prop 3 fails, the funds will "miraculously" be available from money "saved" by cutting corners on the High School project. Isn't that right Rick? Kinda like the scam you pulled when building the new Elementary School.

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