Book says ‘You Can’t Put a Straight Leg on a Crooked Man’
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Book says ‘You Can’t Put a Straight Leg on a Crooked Man’

Kevin S. Garrison announces release of ‘It’s Just a Matter of Balance’

FORT LAUDERDALE. Fla. – Kevin S. Garrison’s “It’s Just a Matter of Balance: You Can’t Put a Straight Leg on a Crooked Man” (published by Xlibris) is an inspirational book. A heartwarming debut memoir about finding meaning in the face of loss. Garrison is a proficient writer with an inspiring story, but his self-awareness and insight into disability give weight to his memoir. His sly sense of humor, meanwhile, provides a good balance to his heavier material. The author has great talent in showing, not telling, the reader the steps of the journey and the mindset of his younger self. His choice of language is spectacular, including the progressions of his fear and confidence levels as a very young man, progressing through the years. Masterful sharing of experiential detail.


Garrison became an amputee suddenly at the age of 17. He had always wanted to provide a book that would help amputees and help people understand how it feels, to permanently become suddenly disabled. He realized there was nothing available then that could have truly help him in adjusting to life with his disability. He wished someone would of said, "Here son, read this book, it will help you,” and then handed him this book.


“I realized there was a need to help those with a permanent disability manage the deep psychological trauma that they are forced to endure, and now is seriously effecting their - life. I also wanted to help the family and genuine friends of these individuals. Helping the health care professionals involved in gaining a deeper insight or understanding into the mind of the disabled person was also very important to me,” he says. 


An excerpt from the book:

Losing a foot was like feeling a ton of bricks falling on you all at once, weighing you down and forcing you to feel helpless under there in the dark, not able to move or even breathe.


“It’s Just a Matter of Balance”

By Kevin S. Garrison

Hardcover | 6 x 9in | 154 pages | ISBN 9781543458374

Softcover | 6 x 9in | 154 pages | ISBN 9781543458367

E-Book | 154 pages | ISBN 9781543458350

Available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble


About the Author

Kevin S. Garrison became involved in prosthetic work when he was 19 years old and employed by a local prosthetic facility for several years in El Paso, Texas. He then attended the University of California, Los Angeles, subsequently transferring to Northwestern University in Chicago, Illinois, where he successfully completed his prosthetic studies. After successfully completing his formal prosthetic education, Garrison practiced prosthetics for numerous years before founding Garrison’s Prosthetic Services, Inc. in 1986 in North Miami Beach. He continues owning and operating his prosthetic care company today. Garrison has been living in South Florida since 1980; he has five children, two daughters and three sons.


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