Blue Santa program still seeking cash donations
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Upshur County Crime Stoppers’ “Blue Santa” campaign to provide Christmas gifts for children of the working poor still needs cash donations, Crime Stoppers President Cynthia Clark said Tuesday.

The gifts were to be distributed for four consecutive days, starting Tuesday (Dec. 19), by Upshur County sheriff’s deputies, some city police officers in the county, some county constables, and at least one deputy constable, she said.

Clark told a Republican Party candidate forum near Gilmer Monday night that her organization is working with Sheriff Larry Webb’s office to provide presents for children whose working families earn too little money to provide Yuletide gifts for their children--but whose income is too high to qualify for benefits like free lunches at schools, food stamps, help from the local food bank, or the Salvation Army’s assistance.

“Their (the children’s) families do work” and “None of our families asked for help,” she said. Such people as teachers, law enforcement officers and workers in the court system recommended assisting them, Clark pointed out.

Blue Santa is not for children of those in jail or prison since a separate program exists to help those youngsters, she added.

Crime Stoppers had raised enough funds to help 15 families with a total of 45 children, but needed gifts for 10 more, said Clark, who said the audience at the forum then donated a total of $391. On Tuesday, though, she said she received names of three more children that day.

To make donations, or for further information, contact Clark at 903-746-3340 or Webb at 903-843-2541. Clark said donations are tax-deductible since the Blue Santa organization and Crime Stoppers group are both 501 (c) (3) non-profit organizations.
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