Barry Gibb, Justin Timberlake and Jimmy Fallon Walk Into A Bar
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IF YOU are my age, you remember the Bee Gees. They were three brothers - Barry, Robin and Maurice. The only surviving member of the group is Barry. Fortunately, he has found two new “brothers” in two young stars of the next generation - Justin Timberlake and Jimmy Fallon. The latter two gentlemen are the new generation taking over television and entertainment. Fallon is replacing Jay Leno on The Tonight Show shortly, following in the large footprints of Jay Leno, Johnny Carson, and Jack Paar. That’s The Tonight Show for the past fifty plus years. Timberlake is burning up entertaining - singing, dancing, drama and comedy. He is exceptionally talented at all of them.

Barry Gibb became a friend of Timberlake and Fallon by virtue of a continuing skit the two did on NBC’s Saturday Night Live over the past decade. With Fallon in the role of Barry and Timberlake in the role of the more slender, less hirsute Robin, the duo became the Bee Gees of the 1970s, complete with singing renditions of their hit songs. While the skits were parodies, the songs were sung amazingly well. Fallon has a decent voice and mimics well. Timberlake is an exceptional singing talent for any era.

The Saturday Night Live segments were so well received the surviving Gibb Brothers became fans. Robin and Barry appeared on Fallon’s show. In 2012, Robin passed away, leaving Barry the lone survivor. This set the stage for an eventual performance by Barry, Jimmy and Justin as the Bee Gees.

Fallon became the host of a late night show in 2009 which replaced Conan O’Brien’s time slot. After a slow start, he hit his stride and Timberlake became a big part of that. The duo had many performances together on Fallon’s show, with Bee Gees music always a big hit with fans and viewers. On one particular night, Barry Gibb was a guest and he sang a duo with Fallon. At a later date, Timberlake would join them.

In the last week of January this year, during the waning days of Fallon’s late night show, Barry Gibb appeared and performed on stage. The glow of joy on his face was a sight to behold for this Bee Gees fan of old. I remember them before they did disco. If you were an adult in the 1970s, you remember their poignant tunes which preceded disco. And you remember them because they became disco. Saturday Night Fever could not have been the film it was without the Bee Gees music.

It does my heart good to see a noble lion of entertainment from my youth reclaim some of his youthful success decades after he soared in popularity. It is equally charming that he has become fast friends with two of the emerging giants of entertainment.

The trio are charming, entertaining and enthusing. They make me want to get up and dance when they sing. They make me laugh every time they get together.

The Bee Gees names was taken from the “Brothers Gibb.” Two of the brothers have passed away. Two new “brothers” have emerged to join Barry. Somewhere in heaven, Robin and Maurice are smiling and singing - in high falsettos and close harmonies.

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Jim “Pappy” Moore is a native son of East Texas who still makes the piney woods his home.
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February 12, 2014
I have had the pleasure of seeing the Bee Gees 6 times in my life, and I have tickets to two shows of Barry's coming up. Thanks for the article. I was wondering who might replace Maurice and Robin. Someone suggested it might be Justin Bieber as well. thankfully not.

As a Pastor I have even used the Bee Gees famous son Stayin Alive for our Easter sunrise service, although I changed the words to Comin alive.

Peace and Joy
Brillaint from Birth
February 12, 2014
Nice article. The Bee Gees deserve all the recognition, accolades and more. What a joy they were and Barry continues to be.
February 11, 2014
The opportunity for Barry, Justin and Jimmy to sing together was memorable to me (i.e., being a lifelong fan since the 70s). I enjoyed your article because I too enjoyed their music before their disco days. Life in a Tin Can has some beautiful country songs. And To Whom it May Concern is my favorite to simply ponder life and reflect. I believe Barry, Robin and Maurice are the most brilliant of songwriters of all time. Including in comparison to the Beatles. One just need to listens to the profoundly meaningful words.
Suzy Van
February 10, 2014
It would be so great to see more positive articles like this about the entertainment industry. Thanks for a really good read and absolutely agree with all you said. Hopefully, we'll see more of these three together in the future. Fallon is going to be so good for the Tonight Show. Am so looking forward to more of JT, and you know he'll be joining his good friend Fallon for some great entertainment.
Jim "Pappy" Moore
February 10, 2014
Thanks for reading! Glad you enjoyed it. I'm looking forward to seeing these guys on The Tonight Show soon.