Bad Birthdays
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The holiday season has just ended. This time of year is a reminder that some among us have a less than fortunate day of their birth. My sister was born December 27th. Imagine a birthday party on December 27th. Everyone has recently gotten a bunch of presents and celebrated in grand fashion for days. It's the lull between Christmas and New Year's Eve. But let's load up the kids and go to a party for the neighbor girl!

My sister says it did not bother her - the lack of interest most had in attending a birthday party two days after Christmas. It bothered some of the family, however. With people traveling in the Christmas season, many kids were simply not available for a party two days after Christmas. Some merely did not want to attend such a party so close to Christmas and New Year's Eve.

A couple of years ago, we decided to surreptitiously cancel our family Christmas and replace it with a surprise party for my sister. It came off beautifully. We surprised her and finally gave her a decent celebration on her birthday, with many of the family in attendance.

My niece's husband was born on January 1st. He's saddled with New Year's Day as his birthday. It's the day after New Year's Eve, which is traditionally a day of celebration which goes late and often involves fairly serious partying. New Year's Day is a traditional day of football games. Once holiday celebrants wake up late from their New Year's Eve antics, it's time for football games and their socializing.

He is an identical twin, so at least while a child he had someone with whom to share his birthday, even if it was his own twin. January first is tough for the adult as a birthday, however, because children do not celebrate New Year's Eve or New Year's Day the way adults do. It is one of those days many adults already have their own variety of plans that do not include a birthday party for a friend or relative.

Steven, like my sister, takes it well, however. He's totally fine with little celebration on his birthday, or with having a celebration on some other day. Sometimes we celebrate on a day several days or a week removed from his birthday. He does not seem to mind at all.

Here's my list of days you do not want to be born on: Christmas, Christmas Eve, New Year's Day, New Year's Eve, Valentine's Day, July 4th, and Halloween. These are all set days. They do not rotate the way some holidays do - such as Easter, Memorial Day, and Thanksgiving. If your birthday is on one of those days, not to worry, as it will not be next year or the year after that.

No one ever declined a birthday party invitation because the party was on February second - Groundhog Day - except perhaps Bill Murray, who starred in the hilarious film of the same name.

If you get invited to a birthday party near Christmas, or New Year's, or one of those other special days, try to remember there is a person who is celebrating their once-a-year birthday. Especially if that person is a child. Everyone deserves to have their special day once a year.

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