Awesome Foods
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Bacon is one of my favorite foods. I have a T shirt which says “Bacon Makes Everything Better.” I tend to agree with that statement. It makes a burger more than a burger. It makes shrimp even more delicious. It turns a boring baked potato into one with some zing. I can eat a bacon sandwich any time, night or day, with or without lettuce and tomato. With eggs, bacon is the best meat for me at breakfast. I go hog wild on bacon.

How can an animal that homely be made for anything but eating? If it was not so delicious, we would hardly have time for them. I have a cousin with a pet pig who will probably take exception! As the punch line from the old joke said “mister, a pig like that you don’t eat all at once.”

I can never get enough good pico de gallo. Well prepared and fresh, there is almost no dish one can eat which would not be improved by some pico de gallo on the side. I eat it on everything except dessert. Eggs, any kind of sandwich, burgers, hot dogs, beans, stew, soup – if it’s meal time, it’s time for some pico de gallo. Virtually free of calories it’s good for us in many ways. Onions, peppers, spices and tomatoes make up the bulk of the dish. I have it on very good authority that lime juice is an ingredient which really makes it delicious.

Avocado is another food item which is delicioso. Sliced, it makes a sandwich or burger better. I sometimes make a sandwich with no meat, just avocado and pico. Avocados are a nice addition to soup or stew, although I like to add them after the stew or soup is cooked, so they don’t degrade due to cooking. Of course, guacamole depends on the avocado. Guacamole is one thing which can be made at home better than gotten from restaurants, which seem to use thinners at times. I like a hearty, full, not stirred until soupy texture to my guacamole. I can eat it with a fork, and will.

Ice cream remains at the top my list of perfect foods. I’m a Blue Bell guy, being a Texan. “We eat all we can and sell the rest!” How can you not love a company which uses that advertising slogan? I usually go with vanilla, but strawberry, chocolate, various chocolate blends, butter pecan, and fruit cocktail flavors appeal to me. When my favorite candy bar, Snickers, started making ice cream Snickers, it took dessert debauchery to a whole “nuther” level. I had one today and it was heavenly. Worth the 300 calories it cost me. Hey, that’s half the calories of a Whataburger, another Texas brand to which I’m faithful.

The best bargain in the grocery store is eggs. For a couple of dollars or less, I can get twelve large eggs. I like mine fried, over easy, while fewer restaurants seem to know what “over easy” means. At my house, it means the yoke is liquid, but the white is thoroughly cooked. It takes effort to do it right, and I put in that effort. Whether eaten without meat, with bacon, with sausage, with hash browns, or with only my pico de gallo, eggs make a sound meal. They’re inexpensive. They’re plentiful. If you live outside the city, you can even raise hens to produce eggs yourself. I know my late Granny Moore would be so proud if only I would get some chickens, but eggs are too cheap at the store, Granny!

Mandarin oranges make a mighty fine snack or dessert for a guy who is counting his calories. I stumbled onto canned mandarin oranges a while back, and have made them a part of my daily life. I have not found that brand name matters, so I get the cheapest ones I can find. I keep a plastic container with about sixteen ounces of the oranges in the refrigerator. I get the kind with light syrup. I know it would be better for me to use the kind without syrup, but I like syrup. Even so, a reasonable snack can be in the fifty to one hundred calorie range. It’s a snack I can live with. Try canned mandarin oranges in light syrup. I’m going to get some right now.

Food is a personal item, so it’s not surprising that people have a hard time understanding the tastes of others. You won’t find cheese or green vegetables on my list of favorite foods, but I know others who simply love them. There are so many things I like, I never worry about the things I don’t like.


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Jim “Pappy” Moore is a native son of East Texas who still makes the piney woods his home. 

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