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by Calvin_Monasco
 I refuse to put my family on the street.
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I put all of these pictures on here because I contacted every branch of government I could think of because I tried to get help from every official in Upshur County and I was told by all of them that I needed to talk to DA Billy Byrd and after six years of corresponding he still will not reply. Guess what all the federal agents including the FBI and Texas Attorney General told me. I need to talk to DA Billy Byrd.

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Greetings readers,

I am starting this blog to explain some things to our readers.

We do not wish to get into any more long winded drawn out arguments with bias readers or readers who insist upon seeing hard evidence like the argument I was recently in on the blog UPDATE Bad to the Bone. We do have hard evidence to back up all our allegations kept in safe place, but unfortunately the evidence must be kept for the court room. If we expose it all to the public we expose it to all the guilty parties of said crimes and allow them additional time to find ways to discredit it even if it means perjury by conspiracy and/or destroying or forging evidence. As we have learned, by all means is not beyond the morals of these people. However we do have full intention of sharing what we can as things evolve.

The purpose of our blogs is not to discredit good people yet to expose bad people and obtain justice either trough getting the attention of the media so our elected official will do their jobs and start investigations and/or file charges against the perpetrators of the crimes we have mentioned in the blog  Upshur County Bad to the Bone or hopefully to get them to do this on their own before the media is involved. Thus far with the exception of the Attorney General bless his heart and the Criminal Investigation organization that he has turned our complaint over to we have yet to get there audience. I shed happy tears when I read his reply by the way. He said he could not comment further other than to obtain more information as needed. It only makes sense that he would not want us to let something leak out. So we hope you can be patient with us when it comes to a showing of evidence or exquisite details. We will answer any questions that we can within reason but please don’t come to us looking for fight as we have already been through enough. People ask us “If it’s so bad why don’t you just move?” Our answer is we will not be forced out of our home and we believe in standing up for what is right even it means we must fight. Wouldn’t you! Would you abandon your home just because someone wants you to? Well, we hope not.

Unfortunately these are crimes of which we can’t file the charges against the perpetrators ourselves. These charges must be brought forth by government officials of a large variety government organizations who up until the attorney general responded have either seen us as deranged individuals because it is so hard to believe that so much could happen to so few in such a short period of time, or they tell us to see our County District Attorney Billy Byrd who in spite of many correspondences from us has still not replied.

We give our apologies to the Gilmer Mirror for using names and/or videos of the public on our blogs. We understand your concerns and this will not happen again in the future. Thank you for providing us a place to speak or voice.


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