Are You Nutty Enough?
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A thirty year Harvard study recently revealed that people who eat nuts every day lived longer and were healthier than those in the study who did not eat nuts every day.  Turns out nuts are really good for you.  While they catch a bad rap for oil and calories, as a food source nuts are all that and not a bag of chips.
My devotion to eating nuts has been chronicled in my columns over the past seven years.  I love many kinds of nuts, with my all time favorite Planters Spanish Peanuts, which I consume daily.
My dad always bought a large variety of nuts at Christmastime, harkening back to his Depression Era youth when getting nuts and fruit for Christmas was a great experience.
My grandfather, Paw Paw Moore, would take a coffee can full of pecans to present to his daughters-in-law when and he and Granny visited them. 
As you can see, I come by my nuttiness naturally.  It runs in my family. 
I like peanuts best, but also like pistachios, cashews, pecans, almonds and walnuts.  Don't really care for Brazil nuts, but will eat them in a crunch.
The study which lauded the nut for its health benefits was conducted by scientists at Harvard University and followed almost one hundred twenty thousand men and women for thirty years.  They found that those who ate nuts every day or almost every day were twenty percent more likely to be alive after the thirty years than those who did not eat nuts at all.  And interestingly, the probability of surviving was directly proportionate to the amount of nuts consumed.
According to the results of the study, the risk of dying by heart disease was almost thirty percent less among those eating nuts daily, compared to those not eating nuts at all.  The risk of cancer was a little over ten percent less.
I did not need a reason to eat nuts, but now I have one.  It is gratifying to know this life-long habit of mine turned out to be good for me.  I'm hoping to be vindicated on fried bacon, fried eggs, gravy and ice cream.
Because of the claims made in this study, I want to allow readers the opportunity to read the column which I found reporting on the study.  It is worth a read and gives more details on the study and its results.  It can be found here:
You will be pleased to know that those who ate nuts daily were more likely to be fit, more likely to weigh less, and generally were healthier than those who did not.  They may contain oils and have calories, but they are good for you, and seem to provide your body with a variety of benefits.  What's nutty about that?

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