Are CorUpshur County Judges being overpaid?
by Calvin_Monasco
 “Dying in CorUpshur County”
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District Judge Lauren Parish to assume duties of Judge Dean Fowler. If this move was really made to save tax money and she can really handle both jobs for her salary alone why have two Judges? Have our Judges bean being overpaid for what must only be a part time job or is Judge Parish afraid of what another Judge may uncover in CorUpshur County during Fowlers absence?

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February 26, 2011
yes they have been overpaid for too long and at the taxpayers expense.
February 12, 2011
Dean Fowler who???? :)
February 06, 2011
Well you know you have a point. I hope the public takes note of this. This really shows how little Dean Fowler is doing and overseeing. When a busy District Judge can take over his job in addition to hers it shows just what you said.
February 06, 2011
Well we all know that Fowler has been WORTHLESS. Lauren Parish taking over his position, in addition to performing hers, just screams it even louder that Fowler is doing little in his position as County Judge. When a District Judge can handle both jobs, then the lower level job needs to go. I agree with you.