Animal cruelty exposed
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The animal in this photo died of neglect, cruelty, and abuse. He and another were tied outside on a short chain in the cold weather without shelter, food, or water for several weeks. There were no empty food or water bowls but the two could drink the small amount of rainwater that collected in the urine and feces filled crevices around them. They both were anemic due to the huge load of intestinal and blood parasites in their starving bodies.  Due to the muscle breakdown from malnutrition, other organs began deteriorating and they began to shut down one by one.
Unfortunately, this scenario happens very often in foreign countries or even deep in the wooded lands of our own county. But this did not happen in a foreign country. It did not happen in the woods where no one could report the incident. These two pit bulls were chained at a house in a neighborhood within the city limits of Gilmer and were fully visible from the road!  THIS DOG DID NOT HAVE TO SUFFER AND DIE!
This photo was not taken at the time the dog was brought to Dr. Cherie Nazzal's veterinary clinic January 7th, 2013, but after he ate several meals and received several bags of IV fluids.  Despite heroic efforts, nothing could be done to save him. 
The official veterinary report is as follows:
Animal Medical and Surgical Hospital
1363 SH 154 W
Gilmer, TX  75644
January 9, 2013
On January 7, 2013, Gilmer Police Department officers presented two animals to Dr. Cherie Nazzal at the Animal Medical and Surgical Hospital in Gilmer.  The first was a young male approximately 9 – 11 months old.  (The owner claims he was born in February 2012).  He was part pit-part lab, non-neutered white male.
I was appalled when Officer Richard Stanley placed the patient on the examination table and removed the sheet!  I have never in my life or career as a veterinarian seen such a horrific case of animal abuse, animal neglect, and animal cruelty.  The puppy was so weak he could not lift his head. He was literally a bag of bones with skin stretched over him. It appeared the owners tied the puppy outside without food or water and were watching and waiting to see how long it would take to starve him to death. There was no evidence of bowls any where around the dog.
Body score – less than one out of ten – severe, severe malnutrition, dehydration, starvation – it can take up to 2 months without food  for an animal to get in this condition
Body weight less than 19 pounds (18.8 pounds)– according to his size, he should have weighed 50-60 pounds
Moribund – Lateral recumbency – lying flat on his right side and not moving
Semi-comatose – non responsive to stimulus
Pinpoint pupils – negative papillary light reflex – the pupils are supposed to be semi-dilated inside a building (pinpoint  pupils are seen with illicit drug use or head injury)
White mucous membranes (severe anemia and shock)
Severe dehydration - over 8% - close to fatal level (sticky gums, no elasticity in skin, exposed penis unable to retract into sheath)
Shocky - Body temperature not registered on thermometer – sub-normal –hypothalamus is supposed to regulate body temperature unless it starts to shut down. Once it shuts down, the organs will shut down
Circulatory collapse - Heart rate 44 beats per minute (normal = 80), very weak heart rate
Respiratory collapse – 5 breaths per minute (n = 40) - barely breathing
Blood pressure below normal – unable to place an IV catheter to administer medication
Bladder was empty – he was not allowed access to water over a long period of time. There were not even any empty bowls around him or the other dog.
Hookworms 4+ (the worst case I have ever seen – puppy appeared to have never been wormed)
Whipworms 1+
This is a blood test to assess kidney function, blood glucose, electrolytes, anemia.  We were unable to get any readings on the machine because all his values were abnormal and way out of range.
IV Fluids had to be administered subcutaneously due to the poor condition of the veins and circulatory collapse
Deworm: Albendazole
Benzathine Penicillin 1cc sq (antibiotic)
Dexamethasone 1cc sq (antiinflamatory and shock medicine)
B12 and B vitamins 1 cc sq (for the severe anemia)
Halfway through the bag of fluids, the puppy started responding and ate a jar of Vienna sausages.  Then, throughout the afternoon, two assistants Devin Moses and Lindsey continued the fluids and continued to slowly feed puppy food and force water in his mouth.
Hospitalization: He ate through the night but died early morning on January 8th, 2013
The second dog presented was an old unsprayed female brown pit. According to the owners, she is 12 years old. Although she was still ambulatory, it appears she was also starved and denied access to water.
Severe malnutrition and starvation. Body score one out of ten but better than the puppy
Underweight 32 pounds (she should be 50-60 pounds)
Teeth – worn to the nub, even the canine teeth had exposed nerve root tissue. She had obviously been living with this condition a long time. Eating hard objects can cause this (rocks, sticks)
Dehydrated 5% - she was tied in the yard and not allowed access to food or water
Pale mucous membranes – slight anemia
Huge mammary development – she was allowed to have many litters of puppies
BUN 42 – (n = less than 20) this test shows that her kidneys have already started to shut down due to her muscle breakdown from starvation
Hb/Hct – these are tests for anemia and she was anemic but not as severe as the puppy
Fecal: hookworms 4+ (4 is the highest in most medical evaluations)
           Whipworms 2+
Heartworm test: 4+ (cannot get any worse)
Microfilaria in blood (baby worms swimming throughout body)
Dewormed with albendazole 3 cc for 3 days (9 cc total)
Benzathene Penicillin 2 cc sq – antibiotic
B12/Bvit 2 cc – anemia
Stanozolol – 2 cc im – helps to replace the muscle breakdown
Boarding – she is a very sweet and polite dog and not the least aggressive, just severely malnourished and dehydrated
Here are some other laws the public may not be aware of:
1.  All dogs and cats in East Texas must have PROOF of rabies vaccination EVERY year. (Some counties allow the three year vaccine - but none in East Texas).
2.  The rabies vaccination MUST be given by a licensed veterinarian.
3.  It is against the law for anyone to give rabies besides a licensed vet. 
4. It is against the law to buy rabies vaccinations unless you are a vet and it is against the law for a vet to sell vials of rabies vaccine.
5. If you own a pet, you must provide fresh food and water daily.
6. It is against the law to tie your dog outside and leave it there more than four hours on a ten foot long chain and it cannot be too cold, too hot, raining, etc. (anti-tethering law - unlawful restraint)
7. If a dog is tied outside four hours, shelter and water must be available.
8. It is against the law to tie the dog outside at night - between dusk and dawn.
9. It is also against the law to let your dog run free in the city limits. Solution - get a pen, keep it in the house, keep it in a utility room or bathroom.  
10. It is unadvisable to allow a country dog to run free but not against the law.  If a free running country dog damages neighbors property, the dog owner is responsible and must pay damages. 
11. If you don't want to keep your dog in a pen or in the house and want to get rid of it, it is against the law to take your dog and dump it somewhere else. This is not only illegal but irresponsible and rude and thoughtless to  dump your problems on someone else. When you get a pet, it is a lifelong commitment and you must accept responsibility. (animal abandonment) 
12. It is against the law to dump your animal at a veterinary clinic or even at an animal shelter after hours. Everyone has surveillance cameras these days and you WILL be arrested! If you decide not to keep your pet, find her a home with a friend or relative or pay the surrender fee for the new no-kill shelters so they will be able to place her with someone that wants her.  Owner surrendered animals taken to a high kill shelter are usually not given the three day hold if the shelter is overpopulated. They can be immediately taken to the kill room. No kill shelters are run and financed by volunteers and MUST charge a fee if you want to give up your pet.
13. It is against the law in some cities in Texas to sell puppies or kittens less than a year old. This discourages overbreeding, puppy mills, and helps prevent the overflow of homeless animals. This law may be adopted by more cities.
14. You are not allowed to have more than eleven unspayed female dogs or cats. If you do, you must pay huge fees and are required to be inspected. (puppy mill reform laws)
15. You are not allowed to sell more than 20 animals per year. If you do, you must pay huge fees and are required to be inspected.
16. It is against the law to attend dog or cock fights. It is against the law to own or train a dog or cock to fight.
17.  If you are convicted of animal cruelty, you must pay penalties, court costs, PLUS you must pay the expenses your animal(s) incurred for treatment and boarding during the court process.
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