American War Hawks fixated on Syria, beating drums louder and louder!
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American War Hawks fixated on Syria, beating drums louder and louder!

Did we accomplish anything in Iraq and Afghanistan? What's the point? The America right reacting to British caution...

by Mark Vogl

Friday, August 30, 2013
Here we go again. War Hawks will paint the tragic picture of civil war in Syria. They will accurately report violence against women, children, aged people. They will cry that these wars in the Mid East are fertile grounds for terrorism. And they will be right.
However, I would argue the strategy for combatting terrorism at home has been all wrong from the get-go. We simply cannot put out wars out all over the world. Americans don't want to serve in the military; instead they let illegal immigrants do it! Are there some Americans who serve, sure. But 30 years ago we had a million men under arms in the active army, today, its 25% that. And the cost of the Cold War was very different from the costs of constant hot wars. Not to mention the impact of wars in the Middle East on the cost of oil!
The foundational error in 21st Century American policy is globalism!
Western economists have built the case that prosperity here in America can only be sustained on endless growth, facilitated by opening foreign markets. The result of pursuing this premise has been:
a. America endures the cost of sustaining a "global commerce presence" by military commitments all over the world, huge foreign aid budgets, entanglement in irresolvable regional and national issues all over the world.
b. In order to sustain the "national will" at home, liberal social policies have been pursued helping to create a 17 trillion dollar debt, secularize what was a Christian America, and destroy the Republic to be replaced by centralized power. Congress itself has ceded its budgetary power to Continuing Resolutions.
c. America lost its industrial base, and a prosperous blue collar middle class to Third World slave labor manufactured goods.
d. College attendance has been used a social opiate to camouflage the condition of America's private sector. We were sold the economic concept of being a value added and high tech economy! Did it work? Nine million less people employed today than five years ago, and America's major employers are food chains and retailers! Is that your dream, to someday be in charge of the French Fries at Mickey D's?
The answer is clear, Fortress America.
With the revelation that America's untapped energy reserves are the largest in the world, it becomes disturbingly obvious that there is an alternative to the policies foisted on America through the Bush New World Order. We don't have to be there. We could be safe and snug right here in America. We could almost close down Homeland Defense if we did the proper job at our borders, international airports and ports. And we could do that much easier if we stopped our dependence on foreign goods, and instead adopted a policy of national self-sufficiency, combined with a restoration of the Republic.
The key to reversing American debt is the creation of wealth here in America! Not dollar wealth, real wealth. We need to make things. We need to make everything in your house, everything on the road and in the air. We need to get back to being the America that left Europe because Europe's view of the world was dangerous and a failure! Europe is stuck with it geographic position, we are not. We have only two neighbors, and only one of those is a real challenge in terms problems.
Taking back the American market place will require all of America, and it will require cooperation between government and commerce. The goal should be full employment while replacing foreign goods with Made in America goods.
For decades lawyers have told me we are a nation of laws! Really? We are? And the border? And the twenty million illegals? And the corruption?
All the law schools, all the lawyers and the endless pages of law, added to by the thousands of pages every year...and we are a nation of laws? Or do you mean we are nation of broken laws? Do you mean we pretend to fix things, and re-fix them again next year?
Maybe Syria actually is a good thing. Maybe the obvious impossibility of the Syrian situation is exactly what America needs to wake up from its dream of world utopia!
Syria may actually help President Obama by becoming the platform to be a real transformational President. If President Obama can refuse the bait in Syria, and commence a new "America First policy" that leads towards national self - sufficiency then he would not only be a transformational president, but the father of America's prosperity in the coming century!
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