A hissey fit
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t seems that the world is going crazy. As the old saying goes, “It is enough to make a grown man cry.” However, the mature attempt to keep their emotions under control. We often observe small children throw tantrums when they do get their way. In such situations the old fashion board of education will do wonders.

When someone displays a sudden outburst of temper over insignificant things it is often referred to as “a hissey fit.” There are two supposed sources in which that expression came from. Some say it it a contraction of the word “hysterical.” Others claim it may have derived from the hissing and spluttering of the outburst of uncontrolled angry.

“A hissey fit” originated here in America and was not hardly used elsewhere until the late 20th century. It began to be expressed elsewhere because of its use in the news media in describing the uncontrolled temper of some celebrities. For example: in September 2004 The Daily Mirror, of London, England reported the arrival of Sir Elton John in Taipei airport as follows:

"Sir Elton, who arrived by private jet for the final concert of a Far East tour, clenched his teeth in fury when he saw a crowd waiting for him at the airport. Exploding in an extraordinary hissy fit, the 57-year-old star raved: "You're all rude, vile pigs!"
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