A call for accountability
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Texan grassroots leaders, citizens, community leaders, and parents demand that all our politicians in Texas cease and desist their paltry back-­‐room efforts pertaining to the invasion of our border. We believe that, based on past performance and inaction on this issue, politicians are not capable of crafting common sense solutions behind closed doors to this multi-­‐faceted predicament.

However, Texas has strong activist leaders willing to do what is right, what is necessary, and with whatever means possible to provide security for the safety of our state and citizens. Today, those leaders call for accountability -­‐ and demand that Governor Rick Perry call an immediate special session of the Texas Legislature to force our elected representatives to urgently address the continued invasion at our border, which is now resulting in an imminent financial, medical, and security crisis for our people. We are calling for a three-­‐fold approach to addressing the issues arising from the influx of illegal aliens crossing into our state:

Increase State Led Authority over Illegals

• Fund additional Border Patrol checkpoints, utilize a contiguous physical barrier, enhance state smuggling and human trafficking laws, and provide civil liability protections for landowners against illegal aliens. Create a Cohesive Plan to Protect Citizens from Infectious Disease

• Immediately implement procedures to test illegals aliens for diseases endemic in their countries of origin, including but not limited to: Chagas, Scabies, Leshimosiasis, HIV/AIDS, STD’s, Neurocystiercerosis, Dengue Fever, Valley Fever, Swine Flu, Measles, Polio, Leprosy and Tuberculosis. A Call for Accountability from Government Entities

• To stop the illegal alien magnets, the Texas Legislature must immediately prohibit sanctuary cities, prohibit knowing employment of illegal aliens, end state benefits and in-­‐state tuition for illegals, and limit medical benefits to emergency services only.

• Authorize the Texas Attorney General (TAG) to investigate if this was a criminal or politically planned and collaborated “incursion” across our borders.

• Require a cost/benefit analysis of the illegal alien presence and determine that cost to the TX taxpayers and state agencies. That cost must be unconditionally revealed to Texans at the earliest opportunity and on a regular, on-­‐going basis.

The crisis facing our state and citizens today is of a magnitude Texans have not faced since the invasion of Santa Anna’s army on the Alamo in 1836. The dangers facing Texas citizens is immediate and requires an appropriate State response beyond that of the Governor, Lt. Governor and Texas House Speaker. Every citizen in every county will be affected by this invasion and we demand that our elected representatives provide as the laws intend, and to truly represent their constituency in these matters.

Signatories: Maria Martinez, Immigration Reform Coalition of Texas; Mary Huls, Clear Lake Tea Party President and Texas Border Volunteers Member; Lorie Cox, We The People, Rusk County; Stop The Magnet; Heidi Thiess, Broadcast Activist, RagingElephantsRadio.com, Clear Lake Tea Party Vice-­‐President and Texas Border Volunteers Member; George Rodriguez, RagingElephantsRadio.com co-­‐host and South Texas State Coordinator for Tea Party Patriots; Holli Snider-­‐Freely, Tomball, TX; TJ Scott, Precinct 358 Chairman, Board of Director of Central Texas Republican Assembly; Suzanne Guggenheim, Texas State Co-­‐Coordinator (South) for Tea Party Patriots; Cindy Schwartz, We The People-Longview Tea Party

Here is a link to the petition with over 5600 signatures. http://www.gopetition.com/petitions/request-­‐for-­‐immediate-­‐texas-­‐border-­‐control.html

If you click on signatures at the top right, you can view the signers and their comments.

For additional information, please contact Terri Hill, 903-­‐235-­‐7162, terrihill@me.com

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F. Rommey
June 29, 2014
What shameful sight, seeing Texans descending to the lows of the Tea Party... OMG! Did David Crockett ask those who fought in EL ALAMO if they were legals? Did Sam Houston asked the Texans who formed the Republic of Texas if they were legitimate citizens?