A Great Tradition
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Halloween is over and that means it is officially time for my holiday season mode. We even get an extra hour to prepare with daylight savings time kicking into effect. I love the holiday season. It seems like I am always in a better mood toward the end of the year. I am also exhausted but happy.


I think everyone has their own way of preparing for the holidays. Each family has their traditions whether they know it or not. I am still trying to figure out what traditions I want to establish.


This past week I decided I am going to work on my signature holiday appetizer. I decided it is going to be broccoli balls. I have no idea how I came up with that choice but I am sticking with it. I have already made two batches. I still need to tweak the recipe. I want them to be legendary. I am also going to start working on my homemade dressing. I hope I get it down by Christmas.


I have another tradition that I hope some of you might pick up. I know this sounds cliche but in my opinion children are the most important thing in the world. I think a great way to kick of the holiday season is to take your Halloween costumes to Goodwill or some other charitable resale shop. I can’t think of a better tradition to kick of the holidays than to help the less fortunate.


When you think back on your childhood, what do you remember most about the holidays? I always knew it was time for Christmas because my mom would start a lot of baking and she would put out these oil candles. She only used them at Christmas time. When I close my eyes, I can see her lighting them.


My friend posted a picture of a homemade wreath she made. I wonder if she realizes all the memories she is securing for her family in the future with her homemade wreaths? I am not big on crafts. Actually I am. I’m just not good at doing them. However, I think the effort you put in might be all that counts.


I remember my mom making some sort of white powder cookie ball every year. I hated them. I wish I could have some right now. Remember, it might not be what the end result is, it is about making the effort. I hope everyone makes some great memories this holiday season and start or continue holiday traditions.


With the extra hour you get this weekend, you have plenty of time to start your holiday plans. I think I might just make it a tradition to start planning the holidays during my extra hour. Thanks daylight savings time.


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