Why open borders are a mortal threat to United States of America
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Did you ever get really sick?  I mean so sick that you had to enter the hospital for a prolonged period of time?

And, when you were sick, did you ever think about how you took God's gift of good health for granted?  I mean it, think about it a minute.

My point here is, we take our good health for granted, never giving it a second thought until we have to endure time dominated by health concerns.  And. when we recover from an illness or injury, it takes no time at all before we once again take our health for granted.

That is precisely what is happening concerning living in a free and happy America.  We take it for granted.  We have no conception of living in another reality, under another form of government.  We don't know the poverty of a Third World nation, we don'  t know the violence and oppression of tyranny exercised by government, no matter it's form.  We don't know the despair of squalor, we have no concept of living life as a survivor, someone who every day must battle death.  We have been blessed to live in the most wonderful nation man has ever had.  We have turned away from the Almighty God, which the Founders saw as the Provider, the Divine Will to create this nation.  Folks, it took three hundred years, from Christopher Columbus to George Washington to birth the miracle you live in today!

That miracle was not invisible, or temporary, but easily recognizable and identifiable.  Alexis de Tocqueville wrote of it in his book, Democracy in America.   He came from France seeking why the American Revolution had succeeded, while the French Revolution had so completely failed.  His words indicate that Christianity, not any one church, but Christian faith was the answer!

America is not about better dirt, or healthier plants.  It's not about a treasure house of minerals, or it's vastness.  America is about a vision, and a partnership with God, through and Christ.  The essential, undeniable fact is that for three hundred years Christianity saturated, motivated, and inspired those who came to America.  Most would be surprised to discover that Christopher Columbus has only one reason for his first journey written down in his ship's log, evangelism!  He did not write of conquest or commerce, he wrote of the need to spread the Word!

That is the conception of America.  It is Christianity as a spirit and value set that was, and must be, bedrock of the Constitution, and the government apparatus.  Christianity is as necessary as a foundation to the idea of America, as a concrete slab is to the building of house.  And it is this very basic, very simple idea which America has forgotten.  Like the healthy person who forgets how important the gift of health is, America has forgotten how absolutely vital Christ and the Bible are to this nation.  When President Obama said we were no longer a Christian nation, he rang a bell as loud as the Liberty bell in Philadelphia....and if he is right, he rang the death bell for America.

Open borders and illegal immigration is dangerous to America because it provides a stream of people into this land who will settle here without any knowledge of what America is; America is a gift from Almighty God.  Not more, not less.  We are not a better people than the Chinese, or the Germans, or the Sudanese.  We are not stronger or smarter than the Russians or the French.  We are not more worldly than the English or the Greeks.  But, what we were, the one thing we were, we were more dependent on God than any other people but those of Israel.  Our ancestors, the people who came to America first sought a place where they could live their faith...not in secret, not in isolation, but as a people, as communities.  Christianity saturated every aspect of their lives.

But it’s not just being Christians that makes us Americans.  Other nations had churches, other nations called on God.  The difference between America and other nations is that the church did not compete with the government for carnal power.  In America, there was no national church, there was a national faith, Christianity.  Our founding ancestors did not seek to include the church in governance, they sought to include faith in governance through the Christianity of the electorate, and the Christianity of those who served us as our representatives in government.  Here is where the influence of God walked in the halls of power, and it is here, where He is now absent.

When the Democrats, at their national convention, publicly and loudly rejected God three times, they were speaking for much of America.  They were speaking so much for America that the President they elected was able to say: America is no longer a Christian nation!

It's not open borders that is killing America, that is only a symptom.  The reality is, this nation is being challenged and destroyed by Satan and atheism.  The proof for that is that this article may very likely not be approved for publication by the editor of a Libertarian blog site because of its content.  (To be fair it was approved.) Whether it is or not, it will be published somewhere.  But the very fact that these words may be denied by a publisher proves the point I am trying to make.

The mentality of open borders is NOT a mentality of charity and grace, it is a mentality of death, an attempt to drown America in a flood of people who are not American, don't know America, and will not be taught America.  Even our own home born children are not taught American.  God has been removed from the schools, despite the many Founders who believed the Bible should be the primary "reader" used to teach English and reading!  God has been removed from the classroom, despite the fact that the very reason given for creating public education was the fact that Satan did not want us to read the Bible...the "Old Deluder Satan" law.

America is in a battle.  Franklin Graham, and other Christian leaders, are working hard to re-awaken the Christian faith within our nation.  Donald Trump was personally saved during the election, and many of us who supported him are working to bring God to the center of America.  This was a Christian nation at birth, and it needs to be Christian today!   That is the essence of what we are about.

Yes, we need to educate those who immigrate to the United States.  But, we also need to be taught ourselves, in our classrooms, public classrooms, about the importance, the essential importance of Christianity in the maintenance and daily life of this nation!  The greatest threat to America is NOT Russia, China, North Korea, or ISIS.  The greatest threat to America is atheism and Satan.


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John Horton
November 11, 2017
Deport all illegal alien give-me-grints yesterday.

Hire bounty hunters to round them up and put them in railroad box cars headed to points south.
Charles L Bloss Jr
November 11, 2017
Well said, and I totally agree.