'Turn out the lights'
"The Party's over" for departing chairman
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The chairman of the Republican Party in a neighboring county officially stepped down yesterday. Before he did, Ashton Oravetz outlined his reasoning as follows:

“I am resigning as Chairman of the Smith County Republican Party as of Friday January 18, 2013. I have come to the conclusion that the National Republican Party cannot be reformed from within and that also applies to the State Republican Party. The establishment that controls both are not for the Constitution and limited government. They are for big government and crony capitalism.  They will do everything in their power to prevent constitutional conservatives from having input in the party. They are willing to lose elections rather than cede power.  The Republican Party no longer stands for anything, it is a hollow core. It is merely one of two platforms to run on to get elected to office. Elected officials are not held accountable by the party for following the National or State Party Platforms. The political system is broken beyond repair. I can no longer in good conscience tell individuals to give any more money to the National or State Republican Parties or to vote straight Republican. They should only give directly to, or provide other support to Constitutional Conservative candidates. Voters should only vote for Constitutional Conservatives. Even if a RINO (Republican In name Only) is uncontested, the lower vote total vs. other candidates will show their vulnerability in the next election. This may influence how they vote.

“The real power in conservative politics today is in the Freedom Movement. This consists of the Grassroots, Tea Party, Ron Paul people, Constitutionalists and others. They are the hope of saving our country by electing Constitutionalists who care more about what is right for the US rather than their political or personal careers. We need politicians with the character and conviction of those who signed the Declaration of Independence. They put their sacred honor, fortunes and lives on the line for Liberty.

“I do not plan to retire from politics, but become even more involved through Grassroots America - We the People, and working with other groups throughout Texas and the United States. I will tirelessly work to elect constitutional conservatives in Republican primaries to unseat RINO’s at the local, state and national levels. In the general election I will support constitutional conservatives no matter which party they run on.

“The time is short. Our culture and political system have failed. The anger and animosity in the country is raising to the surface. What people must realize is that it will never be like it was in 2007. We are either going back to the Constitution, limited government and our nation’s founding principles, or at best becoming Greece, Spain or Italy, but most probably becoming like Venezuela or Argentina.”


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