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   Many people are enthralled by conspiracy-theories.   I am not so riveted by "Whodunit" theories as I am finding out the reasons behind evil deeds, cover-ups and the resulting after-effects.    This year marks 50 years since the Assassination of President John F. Kennedy on November 22, 1963.   Regardless of how many assassins there were: one, two, three, or more shooters...it makes no difference since even if "conclusive proof" were presented : President John Fitzgerald Kennedy still was killed, and knowing that pinpoint information won't bring him back to life, now.

  Being a native of Kansas, I saw Dealey Plaza in Dallas, for the first time in the year 2001.  I have been there many times since; both on-foot and driving my own vehicle over the 'x' on the street.  That assassination may be the Granddaddy of all conspiracy theories, but I feel that too many people are dwelling in-vain as to  'how many assassins were involved', instead of looking at 'motivations', 'ramifications in the aftermath of the shooting',  and probably the most overlooked mystery: 'Why did our American Government seal-up records, testimonies, photographs and even extracted a small section of street-curbing damaged by bullets for 75 years ???'.

The lame excuses were either: "National Security" or to "Protect the Living" or "Spare the sensibilities of the victims' families".  A few speculators claim that the successor to the presidency Lyndon B. Johnson was fearful of a potential "World War Three" with Cuba or with the Soviets.  To that, I say: "balderdash, the American people could always handle the truth".    Undeniably LBJ and then-F.B.I. Director J. Edgar Hoover had a much too cozy professional relationship with each other.  It almost reminds me of the near incestuous relationship between our current President and   the Attorney-General of the United States, Eric Holder.    When a discreet, impartial distance is needed --- and if it doesn't exist:  the American People lose CONFIDENCE in what is being OFFICIALLY TOLD US. 

  I despise 'fiction'. I like 'reality'.  Film-director Oliver Stone raked-in  lucrative box office proceeds from his titillating film "JFK", yet the movie produced no hard breakthrough evidence.   The man took liberties are recreating the scenes and the scenario.  In my opinion, it was more flimsy than The Warren Commission's Report, itself.  Oswald's assassin, Jack Ruby, reportedly wanted to  "talk" outside of Texas. His request was denied and he was labeled a kook.  Well, in my opinion: even if he was a kook, it would have done no harm to have temporarily transferred him to Washington DC and let him do all the talking he wanted to do.

   My late Dad lived and worked in Dallas for a year, circa the year 1954, before returning back home to Wichita, Kansas.  That was well before JFK was elected President.  My Dad voted for JFK in the 1960 election and he often told me that "you'd have to see Elm Street in Dallas for yourself".   My Dad passed-away in 1997; so I never got to visit the city with him.   When I first saw Dealey Plaza with my Mom in 2001, I remarked to her: "Elm Street is more of a sudden downgrade of a ramp, than a street".   I never envisioned that part !    The Zapruder film makes it seem like a somewhat level street; and the film gives a viewer an optical illusion of it being level when, instead, in reality, the downgrade is at a  pronounced dramatic angle akin to a downward ramp eventually merging onto today's modern Interstate I-35. 

  I am not taking any opinion 'pro' or 'con' as to whether the Oswald was the sole assassin.  I believe he was involved in the crime somehow, beyond any shadow of a doubt.  Whether he had a primary-role or  accomplices or was a 'patsy': it makes absolutely no difference. He was implicated in it.  The President was murdered.  And Dallas police officer J.D. Tippit was likewise murdered.   I just hate that The Warren Commission and Oliver Stone's movie more or less overlooked many key items in doing recreations.  One pivotal factor was the absence in recreations, of two cars.   The subsequent recreations should have had both the Presidential Lincoln limo and the Secret-Service follow-up limousine, a 1956 Cadillac Fleetwood, with men standing on each side on running-boards.  This follow-up car was nicknamed "the Queen Mary II" due to its large girth.  My family had a 1956 Cadillac Fleetwood when I was a young boy. Our Cadillac was pure white whereas The Queen Mary II presidential follow-up car was painted black. That model was a huge whale of a car.  A unique aspect was that a person refueling had to press a button on a tail-light which made an arc on a hinge to reveal the gasoline-cap.   My folks delighted at seeing gas-station attendants who couldn't figure out where the gas-cap was located-at.      

   By contrast, President Kennedy was riding in a newer 1961 Lincoln Convertible, with a chassis much lower to the ground and sleek.    As the Presidential limo drove on that downward slope of Elm Street, the big Cadillac (which already was higher) took on an even 'higher' appearance on the down-slope.  Anyone who has watched the videotape of the motorcade knows that the whale of a Cadillac was tailgating the smaller Lincoln, so closely that Secret Service Agent Clint Hill was able to leap from the follow-up car onto the Presidential Limo in his attempt to shield President and Mrs. Kennedy.  That Cadillac and the standing Secret Service men were meager Security in hindsight.  Nevertheless, it was some security and if the huge Cadillac was shadowing the smaller Lincoln limo, that "shield" would offer greater (or expanded) coverage as a "shield" as the Presidential limo rolled downward on Elm Street.  To my knowledge, few people have discussed that aspect.   Admittedly, Oswald was allegedly in the Sixth Floor of the Texas School Book Depository Building and his rifle had a scope.   From the sniper's nest, he would have been firing downward; yet as the target moved further and further away the trajectory would have been more slanting:  Were the standing Secret Service Agents and the Queen Mary II car, any type of obstacle to Oswald's alignment of the cross-hairs?   Or did Oswald just "point and shoot"?

  Granted, Oswald was an ex-Marine who had attained sharpshooter status.  He bought an Italian-made 6.5 mm Carcano rifle that was a World War II surplus rifle, manufactured in the year 1940. He  allegedly tried to kill retired U.S. Major General Edwin A. Walker.  Testimony was given that "Oswald disliked General Walker".    Well, few people realize that Oswald sent a 'hot letter' to then-Texas Governor John Connally , former Secretary of the Navy ---strongly protesting his (Oswald's) dishonorable discharge from the Marine Corps.  It is documented that Connally replied back to Oswald saying  he (Connally) was no longer Secretary of the Navy and Oswald should re-direct his protest-letter to Connally's successor.

   Nobody will ever know the "full truth".  But, to me, this information is pertinent.   If someone has a personal grudge against ANY of the occupants of that Presidential car: the human  temptation would be a motive of anger of Oswald toward Connally.    Oswald had a known beef with Connally, and it seems ludicrous that Oswald would forget about Connally.  If anyone received a dishonorable-discharge from the Military and mad as blazes: that obviously has some bearing on motive.    Was Connally the true target and Kennedy accidentally killed by a botched aim ?

    The Carcano in question was a bolt-action rifle. I've never shot a Carcano rifle.  Although I hold a Possession and Acquisition License from the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (R.C.M.P), I am a relative novice at fast firing of such a weapon.  Much conjecture has been made as to whether Oswald could fire that rapidly with accuracy.  Yes, I believe it could be done under ideal circumstances.  However, with the bustling crowds, the moving target and every eyewitness account saying at least one shot 'missed' but struck a concrete curb,  scattering concrete fragments which wounded a bystander on the street a man named James Tague.    I'm not entirely convinced of the 'accuracy' part.    The one thought that lingers in my mind: Was Oswald actually aiming for Connally and hit Kennedy instead ?

    Numerous witnesses reported a gunshot hole in the front windshield of the Presidential Limo SS-100-X.   After the assassination, the car (the Lincoln) was taken back and rebuilt  by Hess and Eisenhardt of Cincinnati, Ohio, who only in the aftermath made it bulletproof and armor-plated.   That hole in the front windshield concerns me since numerous witnesses indicated a large gaping hole at the right-rear of President Kennedy's head, consistent with an exit wound.   By contrast, photographs of Kennedy's body during the autopsy show that the President had a wound not only at the base of the neck, but what appears to be an entry-wound some FIVE-inches BELOW THE NECKLINE  "about"  the level of the third thoracic vertebrae .   The photos of the bullet-holes in his shirt and coat match the location of wounds to the body.

   Regardless of which direction the bullets came from, or who fired them: take a look at what changed after John F. Kennedy's assassination:  the Vietnam War escalated; less than 14 months later America's sound money of silver dimes, quarters, and such went from being minted with 90% silver to a near worthless 'clad' coinage system.   I had numerous cousins serve in Vietnam, and JFK didn't send them...but LBJ did.  Kennedy sent a comparative handful of "Advisors" to train Vietnamese and by clear distinction, Johnson got us into a quagmire of an unpopular war. Johnson's successor: one Richard M. Nixon took America "off the Gold Standard" , setting the stage for the turbulence of fiat (paper) money which only has value based on promises and a kiss.  If the promises aren't backed up by solid collateral, you have an Economic Depression, such as what we're witnessing now.    Nixon's successor Gerald R. Ford admitted to doctoring The Warren Commission Report by manipulating descriptions/diagrams that President Kennedy suffered gunshot-wounds in his neck----instead  of really in his back,  five inches below the collar-line.

 Gerald Ford jiggered the Commission's assistant counsel, Arlen Specter (who later became a U.S. Senator) to have diagrams drawn showing a false trajectory, in and out of President Kennedy's neck; and supposedly into Gov. Connally's body.     Mr. Connally himself rebutted the so-called "single-bullet theory" to no avail.

One thing is clear: this Nation lost its innocence the day John F. Kennedy died.  It also lost (perhaps forever) a majority of public-confidence in Government Accounts of almost any meaningful Subject.   Cover-up's continue to this very day.   I am not trying to reconstruct what transpired on that awful day of November 22, 1963. JFK was shot and killed.  That sad fact is undisputed.  But, I would like people to look beyond the "Who done it?" and focus instead on "Unsealing records" that were sealed for 75 years.    Demanding transparency in government is more important than knowing how many assassins or how he (or they)  pulled-off   his (or their) plot a half-century ago.   President Kennedy is dead.  But, the challenges of "The New Frontier" (his Administration's goals) live on today.

  Conspiracy-theorists only pose their theories to appease their insatiable desire to satisfy   curiosity. Many so-called 'authors' peddle their books and pamphlets to make a living.  I find that pathetic and almost deplorable.   Let us get past that scurrilous and voyeuristic tendency.  The CIA, the Mafia, Castro and others are easy scapegoats...even JFK's back-brace have been speculated-on.   To me, causation means NOTHING.  After-effects mean EVERYTHING.   However, mark my words: Look at the after-effects.   If (if) Lee Harvey Oswald wanted to impress Castro (or anyone): he would have immediately confessed, when he was asked.   Oswald may have acted alone, although some of the bewildering evidence makes a person's jaw drop in wonderment. The severe down-slope of Elm Street and President Kennedy's head jerking violently backwards, plus a piece of his hair and skull landing on the limousine's trunk, makes a person wonder.   It almost defies principles of Physics and Ballistics.

   The year 2013 is a time for Remembrance; but it's also a time for Logic.  "And, so my fellow Americans: Ask Not, what your country can do for you.  Ask what you can do for your Country".  Those words should still resonate today; but in a new way.   Let future American Presidents not retreat into a post-1963 bubble.  It is a fact of life that sometimes good men and women die.  Let us downsize American ego.  Let us insist on transparency in Government.  Yes, classified or secret  "National Security" data need not be revealed. However, since nearly 50 years has passed since JFK's assassination: the time has come to Un-seal everything.  Whether it was one lone assassin or a conspiracy: that answer won't re-shape American Destiny.  However, if we look beyond and purge the shadowy veil of sealed records, it would go a long way toward getting our nation back to trusting what is said rather than by believing the rumor-mill.   Let us restore American confidence.   Let us begin anew, today.   

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