Operation Give Gratitude

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Gladewater rodeo grounds


Operation Give Gratitude November 10,2012 Operation Give Gratitude is a non profit third party association . Our goal is to show our respect to the men and women who fought for our freedom. Every Veteran, whether Army, Marine, Air force, Navy or Coast Guard, has scars from being in the service that no civilian will understand. We want to show our appreciation by giving back for all they have done. The Veterans were called to duty and served their country to make sure our families slept peacefully at night. They have sacrificed hot food, sleep, holidays, births, lives and years away from home to protect the Red White and Blue. Veterans were more than soldiers, they were, and still are heroes. Operation Give Gratitude would like to recognized Veteran Day this year at The Gladewater Rodeo Grounds. We would like to show our appreciation by donating to Camp Patriot. We feel that Veterans Day in our area isn’t showed the respect it deserves. We would like to organize the event by having a cook out, raffles, auction, car show, live music and motorcycle rally/ parade. Our goal is to invited all veterans and there families out to shake hands with their brothers and sisters. Also for the civilians in our area to show their respect by saying thank you to these brave men and women. The organization we would like to donate to, help the veterans after the war over seas and the new battle at home. The soldiers that come home has to learn how to adapt back into civilian life. Life can be extremely hard and at times impossible for these Veterans. Camp Patriot is a small non profit organization that helps the process back into civilian life. Camp patriot is an Outdoor/ Wilderness/Adventure organization, that caters to veterans by showing them that their capabilities remain, regardless of their particular handicaps/ battle wounds and by letting them know that they can truly “live again” even after their injuries