MOTHER DESPERATE TO FIND HER LOST DOG! BROWN BLOODHOUND near Glenwood ( please click share or the Facebook button above ....IT ONLY TAKES 3 SECONDS!

posted by Amycorn


Glenwood area, Last seen on Green hills Rd, Gilmer, TX 75645

Description: I am desperately reaching out to the public to beg everyone to share my story on their social media and with everyone they know... my family of 7 has lost its beloved family pet - a 3 year old bloodhound named Copper. On December 13th "Copper" was let out around 6 am like most mornings however he did not come home that day and had never been home since that day and I'm sick with grief...I'm truly heartbroken as are my children! He's never been penned or crated as we live on over 20 acres and for three years he's never missed leading the car down the driveway or missed greeting us at the mailbox when we arrive home...and Copper knows dinner time better than I do...if I'm not cooking by a certain time he stays whimpering add it is his favorite time of the day (with chasing kids and jumping in air completely missing the tennis ball we're both tied for his second favorite event of day) but dinner time...well let's just say he and the rest of the family have a gourmet dinner just about every night as I'm a personal Chef by day (spending only four hours away from copper) when I go to a few clients how  cooking and packaging meals (self selected or Chef recomended) recipes...a couple of meals for for some and an entire weeks worth of meals for a couple Clients ...and I even cook for one of my clients dog....then by night I try to be a chef to my family....including my furbaby! I serve him his plate of home cooked unseasoned chicken with broth along with with sweet potatoes or brown rice and peas or corn on the cob ( which he eats row by row while holding the cob under both paw)...instinctively knowing somehow to leave the cob on the plate! I'm saying all this because I truly believe  he is not a run away roaming the streets -choosing not to come home...he LOVES his home...and his bed! about three months ago  Copper was given ( OK he took over) his very own bed when our oldest daughter moved away to college and from that day on Copper slept like a king. He would sleep in his own bed till my husband let him out for his morning break then when he left for work  around 645 am me would jump up in the bed with me. in my heart I want to believe that someone saw Copper roaming and took him in to keep him safe and because he didn't have on his harness they have no way of locating or calling us. That's  why  I need to make sure that whoever has been keeping him safe for us knows how to reach us and that we miss him very much! Today makes the 16th day I will cry to sleep worried about whether my dog is injured, cold,wet, scared or all alone in the elements. If someone sold my dog to you, I will pay you a large enough reward to buy you another dog (as mine doesn't hunt, track blood, do tricks and is epileptic & needs his medicine everyday or will have horrible seizures Please tell everyonepisode you know to please spend less than one minute of their life and go to or just click the share button or fb button above! Call my cell or home phone with any info (903) 431-7411 or (903) 734-1180 and please have heart... go to


903 734-1180
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