Drug Manufacturing

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Boise Drug Manufacturing Defense Lawyer Drug manufacturing offenses are swiftly and harshly prosecuted crimes in Idaho. In the zero-tolerance world we live in today, it's becoming nearly impossible for a person accused of such crimes to get a fair hearing. Perhaps now more than ever, people who are facing drug manufacturing charges need an experienced attorney at their side to ensure that their constitutional rights are respected. At the Nampa, Idaho-based Bond Law firm, I defend people throughout the Boise area against all types of drug manufacturing charges. I take your rights and your freedom very seriously and am committed to fighting vigorously for them. I provide personalized service to all my clients and handle every aspect of your case myself. You will never be asked to work with a paralegal or other staff member. Experience, Insight and Results Before going into private practice, I worked for over 15 years as a deputy and chief deputy prosecutor for Canyon County. During that time, I handled numerous drug-related cases, including drug manufacturing and narcotics distribution. I know how the other side thinks and how they prepare for trial. I also know how to build a solid defense to counter anything in their case. Investigators gather information in your case in many different ways in the process of building a case against you, including wiretaps, informants, surveillance and many other sources. All of these require proper authorization and need to be implemented in accordance with the law. I will closely examine every aspect of your case to ensure that your constitutional rights were not violated at any point. If I find that any of the information in your case was gathered improperly I will take immediate action to have the charges against you reduced or dismissed. I know the plea bargaining strategies the prosecution uses in these cases and how much room we have to negotiate. If the prosecution doesn't offer a fair solution, I will not hesitate to go to trial.