Domestic Violence

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Boise Domestic Violence Defense Lawyer The state of Idaho takes domestic violence offenses very seriously. In some cases, even the mere accusation of domestic violence — whether it's true or not — can have you removed form your home and slapped with a temporary restraining order. If you are facing charges of domestic violence or spousal abuse, contact an experienced criminal defense attorney who can help protect your rights. At the Bond Law firm, I defend clients against all types of criminal charges, including domestic violence. The system typically backs the “victim” in these cases. It is my belief that when the system acts too swiftly and without the benefit of all the facts, it is innocent people like you who are the true victims. My commitment is to aggressively fight to minimize or eliminate the impact of any domestic violence accusation. Fighting for Your Rights In many domestic violence cases, it really comes down to your word against your accuser's. I will work with you to learn the facts of the incident and use that information to find holes in the prosecution's case. I will interview every witness a prosecutor intends to call, including the alleged victim, and look for inconsistencies I can use to your advantage. I served for over 15 years as a deputy and chief deputy prosecutor in Canyon County. I know how prosecutors go about preparing their domestic violence cases, and I know the best way to build a strong defense against them. I will use every legal resource at my disposal to pursue the most favorable outcome available in your case.