County Judge Calls Commissioner Crittenden “Stupid!”
by Gilmerite
 Fowler is a Hypocrite
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What a hypocrite, County Judge Dean Fowler called Commissioner Crittenden "stupid," multiple times, in a commissioners meeting and tried to forcefully turn off Crittendens tape recorder.  I remember reading about Fowler when he told the Texas Rangers that he "trusts" people and that is why he wrote Robert Bennett multiple checks for the same bill that was submitted to him for payment multiple times.  Most likely, we the taxpayers paid for Fowlers “stupid” mistake in trusting Robert Bennett and Fowler just being incompetent, or rather “stupid,” in his position as County Judge.  If Fowler had done his job and kept proper records he would not need to "trust" people and would not make "stupid" mistakes.  By the way, what happened to this issue?  Fowler and everyone else have seemed to dodge the issue hoping it will go away.  Why is Fowler not being made responsible for his “stupid mistakes?”  At least Commissioner Crittenden is keeping a recording of the meetings to verify what is actually occurring in the commissioners meetings.  I’m glad Crittenden is not making “stupid” mistakes like Fowler continues to do in his position.  

Hmmm, this name calling sounds like the one Fowler gave Crittenden.  Oh well, I’m not a small town county judge in an elected position and opposition comes with the territory as they say.

Fowler, a supposed adult acting in the position of county judge, is stooping to the level of child like name calling and bullying those not in agreement with him.  Is this the normal behavior of a county judge?  A judge is suppose to be someone in control of their emotions and their position as they make life altering decisions for individuals in a courtroom?  If Fowler is unstable, as he clearly demonstrated in this meeting, does he need to be making legal decisions on individuals?  Does he demean people in court by calling them names?  Fowler is not performing his job duties adequately or professionally as a "county judge" and clearly is not a good representative of the church, as a "bishop," with his high school level name calling and bullying in the commissioner’s court being broadcast in the news.  As a judge, Fowler should not be performing in-mature children’s antics.  Clearly Fowler is in the wrong job as a “county judge” and as a “bishop” in the church and needs to be removed from these positions.  Fowler is not performing as he should as shown by past actions and those of recent.  As Crittenden told Fowler, Fowler needs to keep his hands to himself and Fowler should not have tried to forcefully turn off Crittenden’s tape recorder.  Also, why didn’t the deputy give Fowler the same warning as he did Crittenden, when Fowler was trying to forcefully turn Crittenden’s tape recorder off?   Fowler should have also been threatened with  “going to jail in a heart-beat” for forcing himself on Commissioner Crittenden.  I guess the deputy did not want to get on the bad side of the Fowler.  As we all know, “justice” is not fair in Gilmer for big titles, for small people in small town positions, seems to impress some more than others.

Clearly Fowler likes playing his role as the big fish in the small fish bowl.  After a number of years in this position his law degree has gone to waste.  Unfortunately for Gilmer, Fowler continues to make Gilmer the joke of East Texas in the newspapers and on the local television stations.  Gilmer is now known for having an in-mature, name-calling, County Judge that bullies commissioners, rather than just having a judge that is incompetent in his position.  To make matters worse, Fowler is an attorney, someone that should know better and have been trained to not lower himself to child like antics of name-calling and bullying.  Is it any wonder as to why Fowler was not available for comment to The Gilmer Mirror on this incident?  If I were Fowler, I would stop dodging the press and publicly apologize for this embarrassing misconduct in the commissioners meeting and apologize face to face with Commissioner Crittenden.

So what do you bet Fowlers apology doesn’t happen?  What do you bet Fowler will stay quiet and hope this matter will die down in the press as he has done on many other issues?  What do you bet Fowler will continue to make the same “stupid” mistakes as he has done in the past?  

Vote Fowler out in the next election, otherwise the joke is on you, the public, for allowing Fowler to be another “Gilmer Good Old Boy” whom doesn’t adequately perform his job and continues to run Gilmer into the ground, as so many other well known Gilmerite’s have done in their elected positions.

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October 29, 2009
If I was this guy, I think I would have the guts to stand up and respond to this stuff. That is unless I was guilty of it and then I would dodge it all like it appears he is doing. You know he has read this stuff and half the town has told him about it. Well we'll just give Fowler a "fair judgement" like he does everyone else "Guilty as Charged!" Have a great day Bishop Fowler...... He may be a social climber in Gilmer, TX, but his ladder is clearly on the wrong wall. :)
October 25, 2009
Could not agree more with the comment below. Dean is very fake, he will smile to your face and then stab you in the back. He is a want to be social climber though. After all he is in Gilmer and the town is full of want to be people. That is, the people that think they are someone in Gilmer would just be joe blow in a larger city. After all, if you are someone of "importance" you sure wouldn't be in Gilmer. Industry, significant positions, etc. are just not in this little town. That's why he is a small town judge making a pittance compared to what he could make as an attorney in a large city. But then again, he probably couldn't make it in a large city with the performance he has given in his small town judgeship role. When you fail at the small jobs the big ones will never come around. Look at the people in Gilmer that have always thought they were the high rollers, many of them have closed their businesses, filed bankruptcy, etc. The projects they tried to do in Gilmer ended up being a half _ _ _ job. These people are all really just fish bait in the small town pond and eventually get eaten alive from their own mistakes.
October 19, 2009
Dean isn't a bad person, per say, but he is very very fake. He will be nice to your face and ugly behind your back. A true "social climber". He is someone who enjoys being a big fish in the small Gilmer sea.
Laughing at you
September 30, 2009
I'm sure "Bishop Dean Fowler" is familiar with the phrase of "an eye for an eye." It must suck to get a taste of your own medicine through the public voicing their dislike of you. It's not so good trying to play all high and mighty in Gilmer and then getting shot down by the general public is it?
September 26, 2009
Amen to this. Could not agree more!
September 21, 2009
Well, well, the wolf in sheeps clothing showed his true colors again! Maybe a wake up call to everyone that does not know the "real" Dean Fowler.